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User:MichaelH/Please Read before bumping

Originally taken from: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/28311

Stated simply, bumping a thread does not really increase the chance your question will be answered!.

Here's why bumping does not help your cause:

  • Volunteers look for threads that only have one (1) post, but if you bump your thread, you immediately increase the post count to two (2) and that makes it harder to find an unanswered thread. You may think that because your post has fallen off the front page that it will be be ignored forevermore - that is not the case. The Forum volunteers regulary trawl through the posts that have not been answered and will try to get your question answered.
  • Bumping is poor etiquette! It's like jumping into the front of the line--that just upsets people.

If you must bump consider this:

  • Has enough time elapsed to let a variety of volunteers see your post? Thirty minutes is too soon to bump at thread.
  • Reread your question and make sure you've explained the problem clearly and that you've provided as much information as possible. If necessary, add more information to the original post.

And please don't start another thread with a new post. That just irritates the Forum volunteers and decreases the chance either of your posts will get answered.