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Absolute Privacy


  • Reviewed 09/30/09 2.8.4
  • Allows hiding of selected categories, from all Roles execpt the administrator role
  • Categories to 'hide' are set by entering a comma separated list of category IDs in a settings screen
  • Replaces the Categories module with an Advanced Categories module when adding/editting posts
  • Extend link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/admin-only-category/

Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Plugin

Allows you to make your content accessible only to registered and logged in users.

Bind User to Category

  • Review 05/14/09 2.7.1
  • Retrict users to certain categories.
  • Note that even though the plugin page says "Restricted users won't view the category selection panel in edit screens" at 2.7.1 you can check other categories when writing a post, but only the category 'bound to the user' gets assigned the post
  • Extend link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bind-user-to-cat/

CaPa Protect

  • Reviewed 06/25/09 2.8
  • Provides Category & Pages protection on a roles & user basis
  • Restrict categories available when writing Posts, and in Add/Edit Categories
  • Restrict list of categories (wp_list_categories) seen on blog
  • Doesn't seem to restrict posts in restricted category from being seen, but nothing is returned if user clicks on a restricted category presented by the_category
  • Restricts list of Pages seen on blog, and in Pages->Edit
  • Restrict Categories and Pages for anonymous users
  • Creates admin main option CaPa with submenus CaPa, Roles, and Anonymous User
  • Can Hide entire post, Show title but a private message for the body text, or Show title and body text.
  • Extend link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/capa/

Category Access

Restrict (protect) categories on a user-by-user basis. Useful for restricting Categories seen when writing a post.

Category Visibility

Adds new admin menu for setting category visibility settings for the front page, searches, feeds and archives.

Custom Query String Reloaded

Control the number of post in various pages in your blog. Plugin supports tagging features introduced in 2.3.


Provides a way for admins to block certain e-mail addresses from being used during registration.

Demo Mode

Puts blog into demo or maintenance mode except for authenticated users.


Only shows Wordpress content to other users if they meet certain access criteria.


Allow users to ban IPs addresses from the admin panel.

Freeze Users

Freezes the passwords for specified user IDs. Ideal for setting up a public sandbox server where you do not want anyone to change the public password.


  • Reviewed 02/20/2009
  • Allows admin to hide parts of posts from users who are not logged in by use of [hidepost and [/hidepost] Shortcodes.
  • Settings allow you to control the look of the link asking visitors to login to see the hidden content.
  • Protect Link setting so users must be logged in to see the link in posts.
  • Can declare what Role is necessary to see hidden content.
  • Use a [hidepost=level][/hidepost] to hide content based on User Levels.
  • Will search all posts and pages for URLS and hide them from guests.


Allows admin to hide parts of posts from users who are not logged in by use of <!--hidethis--> and <!--/hidethis--> HTML comment tags. Compatible with Wordpress 1.5 and later.


Wordpress usernames are case sensitive. Many people on the Internet are used to case-insensitive passwords, where "Caroline" and "caroline" refer to the same account. Insensitive plug-in takes care of it. Sensibly.


'Sticks' a page to the front of your blog, and can restrict certain IPs access beyond that.


Remove posts from child categories under your (presumed parent) category archives.


Very simple plugin to allow only users at a minimum level to post on a category. You can define a minimum level for each of your categories through the admin panel.

Limit Categories

Limits the categories that are displayed on the edit post page for users who do not have a high enough user level.

Maintenance Mode

Allows you to make your blog temporarily unavailable to your visitors with a custom message. It is still accessible by the administrators and logged in users.

Manage Your Posts Only

  • Reviewed 02/26/2009 2.7.1
  • Restricts all but the admin user from seeing posts in Posts->Edit screen
  • Tests for User Level 10 to determine admin user with if (strpos($_SERVER[ 'REQUEST_URI'], '/wp-admin/edit.php') !== false) and if ( !current_user_can('level_10'))

Page Restrict

  • Reviewed 02/20/2009 on 2.7.1
  • Restrict pages to logged in users. If a restricted page is viewed, a message is supplied along with the login username/password boxes.
  • Admin interface to to restrict all, none, or specific pages (on a page-by-page basis), to logged in users.
  • Can specify 'restriction' message displayed to visitors no logged in.

Page Restriction

  • Reviewed 02/20/2009 obsolete as uses post_status of 'static'
  • Lets you hide specific pages from unregistered users.

Post Levels

Allows you to restrict access to posts based upon the user level. Only registered (and logged in) users with a level greater than or equal to the post level may view the post.

Post Moderation

Allowing multiple authors on your site while still maintaining editorial controls.

Protect Old Posts

Puts a password specified in the protect-old.php file on every post but the latest published one that doesn't already have a password.

Registered Only

Allows only registered users to view your blog.

Registration Blacklist

Allows the banning use of specific email addresses and domains from user registration.

Restrict author access to edit comments

Restricts access to the comments section of the admin panel

Role Scoper

Comprehensive control of reading and editing access: default WordPress roles work as is by default, but you define additional role restrictions and assignments by page, post or category. Can assign roles by user, WP Role group or custom-defined group. Features include Attachment Filtering, Hidden Content Teaser, RSS Filtering, Pending Revisions. Actively maintained and forum-supported. For WP 2.5 to 2.9.

Social Access Control

  • Review 05/14/09 on 2.7.1
  • Based on Dave Coppit's Category Access plugin.
  • Restrict blog view of categories and use of categories when writing posts.
  • Can restrict ALL users or individual users. Can also restrict the 'anonymous/not logged in' user.
  • Restrict blog view to hide entire post, or show title with a 'private message' for the body text, or show a private message for the title and nothing for the body text.
  • Configurable 'private message'
  • Can somewhat restrict feeds via cookie by showing the title and links
  • Can show a 'padlock' for 'private' categories
  • Extend link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-access-control/


Allows admin to restrict individual posts or entire categories of post to only those users who are registered and have logged in. Compatible with Wordpress 2.0.x. Future support for Wordpress 1.5 might come in a future release.

Trim Passwords

Trims the passwords to eliminate accidentally entered ( usually during copy/paste) spaces and other characters (tabs and double quotation marks like this one: “). Cuts down on user frustration.

Trim Usernames

Automatically trims the usernames to eliminate accidentally entered ( usually during copy/paste) spaces, tabs, colons, and double quotation around the usernames. Seriously, there are real people who got shaky hands due to their old age, physical exertion, excessive use of recreational substances ( = too much coffee), or just the plain excitement of seeing your blog. Do not lock them out!

Ultimate Category Excluder

Allows exclusion of categories from your front page, archives, and feeds.

User Access Manager

  • Review 06/17/09 on 2.8
  • User groups
  • Set seperate access for readers and editors
  • Set access by user groups
  • Set access by post categories
  • User-defined post/page title (if no access)
  • User-defined post/page text (if no access)
  • Optional login form (if no access)
  • User-defined comment text (if no access)
  • Hide complete post/page
  • Hide pages in navigation
  • Redirecting users to other pages (if no access)
  • Recursive locking of posts/pages
  • Limited access to uploaded files
  • Full integrated at the admin panel
  • Multilanguage support
  • Also proteced your rss feeds
  • Give access by IP-address
  • Overwrites .htaccess so backup file before activating this.
  • Extend link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/user-access-manager/

User Assign Categories

  • Added 02/06/2010

User-Cats Manager

  • Reviewed 02/18/2009 on 2.7.1
  • Add Settings option to specify by user, what categories are presented when writing a post.
  • Administrators have access to all categories.

User Level Themes

Allows the specification of a theme for visitors vs. a theme for administrators facilitating the testing of a theme before making that theme visible to visitors.

User Permissions

  • Reviewed 02/23/2009 on 2.7.1
  • Set read/write restrictions, by Role, on posts and pages.
  • Admininstrator role can't be restricted.
  • If denied by Role, can specify individual User IDs allowed to read or write.
  • Can specify redirect a different post ID if restricted.
  • Extend link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/user-permissions/


Extends user profiles to include admin-defined attributes, and provides for category access controls with per-user granularity. ==ViewLevel2  :Lets you hide specific posts from unregistered users or users below a given user level.


WP-Members is a plugin to restrict WP content to be viewable by registered site members. It is designed to work “out-of-the-box” with no modifications to your theme, but also to be scalable for those that want to customize the look and feel, or want to restrict only some content. Can restrict both posts and pages.


Assigns a site-wide password to all WP powered posts and pages. Allows exclusions to the password requirement. Nice when you can't get at .htaccess and don't want to manage users.


  • Reviewed 05/02/2009
  • Allows hiding some or all of a post content with e parts of posts from users who are not logged in by use of <!--protected--> and <!--/protected--> elements.
  • Note: similar to longer available plugin Protect Content and no longer available HideThis
  • Similar code Forum discussion