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I can:


  1. Edit any post
  2. Edit any thread title
  3. Delete any post
  4. Delete any thread
  5. Move topics to a different forum
  6. Close a topic
  7. 'Sticky' a topic to the front of a forum
  8. 'Supersticky' a topic to the front of the forums as a whole
  9. Change the "This topic is" to resolved / unresolved / not a support question
  10. Add / remove / edit tags


  1. Change the website you entered
  2. Change your location
  3. Change your occupation
  4. Change your Interests


  1. Block someone from the forums
  2. Make a member Inactive so they can read the forums, but not post / reply
  3. Promote a member
  4. Unpromote a member
  5. Change the 'Member' title
  6. Allow a user to bypass the 30 second throttle on posts
  7. Delete a user
  8. And see other forum backend stuff which looks scary so I looked once then clicked 'Back' and hoped I'd not broken anything.

Q & A

  1. Can you change my password ? No. I can't see it, know it, have it changed.
  2. Can you remove all my posts so no-one knows I've been here ? No. I will not.
  3. Can you remove my URL from my posts ? Unless I was given a fantastically good reason, No. And if I did, I would only do it once. Only put in posts what you want to be there for posterity.
  4. Can you remove my URL from someone else's post ? No. Not at all.
  5. Can you alter a link for me because I have moved things around on my site ? Probably. See my email address at the bottom of the page.
  6. Can you tell someone off for being horrible to me ? No.
  7. I want you to delete other posts which I do not like. No. I will not.
  8. I've written a new version of my plugin. Can you direct users from an old thread then close the old thread for me ? Yes. Post to the old thread and request that it be closed please.

More Q & A

  1. Are these extra abilities because you spend a lot of time in the forums ? No, not entirely. I have been there since January 2004 though and seen the membership and use grow hugely.
  2. Is it because you know everything ? No. I am the first to admit that I know no code and there are ways that WP are used which I am not familiar with.
  3. Are you a developer ? No - I can't code remember ?
  4. What do you spend most of my time doing ? Helping people just like every other forum user. That and correcting posts which have not used the ` button correctly and the other 'housekeeping' tasks above.
  5. Who do you answer to ? You. There is a mailing list for the forums (http://lists.automattic.com/mailman/listinfo/wp-forums) where all things forum related are discussed.
  6. And how do you see your 'role' ? By being not noticed, that's how. If the forums run smoothly and you don't notice me or what I'm doing, then as far as I'm concerned, I'm doing a fine job.
  7. Not answered your question ? Ask me by clicking the Discussion Tab at the top of the page.

You can email me for forum related help only (as detailed above) here: tamba2 at gmail dot com