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Ciao! My name's Russ and I'm from Calgary, Alberta. I've been keeping a WP blog since the day 1.21 came out... so not really that long, I guess. I've been geeking out on the nightlies lately though :)

One of my current projects involves creating a series of themes for WP1.5. I'm using a slightly modified Kubrick on my blog right now, but the Passioni themes should be out soon. I hope. I'll probably link it here as well.

In the meantime, I made some plugins http://russ.innereyes.com/wordpress-plugins/ :)

I also just started the http://www.blog-themes.com/ website. It's main purpose is to collect all the themes I can find (for blogs) into one spot, with screenshots.

I've been maintaining a nightly file changelog for the convenience of the bleeding-edge users out there. Now relocated to User:RustIndy/Nightly Changelogs.