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Welcome to My User Page!

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My name is Nick, but I go by the handle, Techdoode.

I can be found on LinkedIn at http://linkedin.com/in/techdoode.

I'm a fresh graduate of the Florida State University computer science program, but I'm not without experience. I spent over a year working as a technical writer and editor at the China headquarters of a US-based telecom company.

My coding is a bit rusty, and consists mainly of C++ and Java, but I am quickly learning PHP.

I've had WordPress websites for half a dozen years, but always on my own server space and always as a user. I've never done any WordPress development work, but that will change over the coming year, since I'm working with a company interested in designing WordPress sites for its customers.

Initially, I'd like to offer WordPress my editing and writing skills. Perhaps as I become more familiar with the workings of the code, I can contribute in other ways.