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User:Thecartpress/Professional e-Commerce with native WordPress 3.0

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(2) Currently there are many plugins to turn your WordPress installation in an e-commerce store. So the are some things about e-commerce plugins to consider before starting:

  • Which are closely and naturaly integrated in WordPress? To ensure scalability with WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Which are stable and supported?
  • Which are flexibly and scalable in the same way that offers WordPress 3+?
  • What about international sales?
  • Multi-lingual, complete and robust?
  • What about existing extensions for eCommerce plugins?
  • Which are adapted to my present needs?
  • Which is the level of the user?

It may not be easy to assess the various ecommerce solutions offered to WordPress.

It is important that the chosen solution is to be stable, robust and powerful. And perform the way to grow as native WordPress 3+:

  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom taxonomies
  • WordPress template hierarchy, and so on.

In this way, enriches the whole environment that already offers WordPress 3+ avoiding future costs and problems. WordPress offers custom PostTypes and custom taxonomies for less than a year.

Some recent and independent reports after WordPress 3+ about ecommerce solutios for WordPress:

  • WP-ecommerce [1]
  • TheCartPress: [2]
  • Cart66 Lite: [3]
  • Quicksoft: [4]
  • eShop: [5]

Another 2011 review [6] Not only free eCommerce solutions for WordPress, also payments solutions. [7]

  • Cart66
  • eShop
  • MarketPress
  • Shopp
  • ShopperPress
  • Templatic eShop
  • TheCartPress
  • WP e-Commerce
  • WP eStore
  • wpStoreCart
  • YAK for WordPress
  • Zingiri Web Shop

We would like to add other recent and independet reviews.