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I'm a professional technical writer who is enthusiastic about WordPress. You can visit my blog at http://idratherbewriting.com. Send any emails to tomjohnson1492@gmail.com.

I'm comfortable with WordPress, but I'm not a PHP programmer or anything. My main expertise is in structuring and clarifying content to make it more helpful to software users. By day I write online help, user guides, quick reference guides, release notes, and other documentation for an organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How would I like to help out here? I like the comprehensive nature of the Codex, but I think it has become like an overgrown forest, with too much underbrush blocking the way of the simple, quick path that users need to get up and running.

I've thought about creating my own WordPress user guide, but not only is that a lot of work, it defeats the nature of open source documentation and the purpose of the Codex. Instead, I want to help make the Codex more usable. Ideally I'd like to edit pages to make them more accurate, easy-to-follow, concise, and then pull the most important pages out into a 50 page Getting Started with WordPress guide.

Tom 04:44, 24 April 2008 (UTC)