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I am sojourned right now and unavailable to work on codex. This is due to a major release in progress at work, I'll be back when the release is finished towards the end of july. Twistedraisin 13:45, 28 Jun 2005 (UTC)

The life of a twisted, twisted raisin (Build 1700)

About Me

I am a non-traditional univeristy student, attending classes in the evening and on weekends, as well as on-line, so as to work around my day job, Sr. Software Engineer for a retail services company. I have been writing software for nearly 17 years, beginning with several dialects of basic, then pascal, c, c++, perl, python, php, vb, and c#. I'm not sure I should, but I guess I'll even admit to Java.

I enjoy contributing to open-source projects, though in the past my interest has waned. I've been using WordPress for a long while now, and enjoy its ease-of-use and customizability.

I have several soon-to-be released plugins that include a variety of functionality.

Current WordPress Projects

1) wp-shoutabout

2) wp-dotplan

3) wp-wishlist

On the Codex

I am currently attempting to help out with the current events and tweaking the codex here and there.