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User:Yami McMoots


My blog: green gabbro

Email: criminy.crickets [at] gmail.com

AIM: yami monkey

I am, alas, too busy for the foreseeable future to do much work on Codex. Anyone who wants to polish up the half-finished stuff, feel free... it's mostly in the realm of "accurate but not complete".

Codex To-Do List

Almost Finished

  • Rename wp-comments-post.php - need to check to see if anyone else finds this useful before adding to the spam page.
  • Customizing Feeds still needs some minor things, notably:
    • Some quick blurb about adding styles to feeds
    • A better introduction to various formats, including links to good tutorials.


Pie in the Sky

  • Using Apache redirects (mod_alias or mod_rewrite) to ease the transition from one permalink structure to another (or from old blogsystem to new).
  • How to add additional RSS feed templates - Kafkaesqui thinks this would be snazzy? Uh-oh.
  • How to access the number of posts returned for a search, or for any other multi-post display.

Migrating from MT

I've migrated more-or-less recently from Movable Type. Most of the resources I found were focused on the initial import process. Which was easy! I want to find or create resources to help me/others adjust to the new system. Stuff/Things had a nice WordPress tagging series for MTers which has since vanished, sigh... but something like that, and more!

MT features I liked, that I had trouble recreating:

ramblings on MT vs. WordPress - it would be nice to have list of tags that generate their own "semantic" markup (e.g., where the developers think we need lists) and CSS hooks. It's all documented in the individual template tag pages, but there's nothing wrong with redundant portals to the same information.

what someone else misses about MT