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WPMU Functions/wpmu signup blog


Stores the new user and blog details in the database and calls wpmu_signup_blog_notification to email the new user an activation link.


(string) (required) Domain of the new blog (see explanation below).
Default: None
(string) (required) Path of the new blog (see explanation below).
Default: None
(string) (required) Title of the new blog.
Default: None
(string) (required) New user's username.
Default: None
(string) (required) New user's email address.
Default: None
(object) (optional) Other meta information.
Default: [blank string]

$domain and $path

To help clarify the purpose of $domain and $path, in the activation email their are used as so...


I suspect this this helps make the code more generic as there are three possible ways to setup WordPress MU that I am aware of...

Return Values



<?php wpmu_signup_blog($domain$path$title$user$user_email$meta); ?>



wpmu_signup_user does the same thing except that it only stores the new user details as is called when the user does not signup for a blog at the same time.


wpmu_signup_blog_notification sends an activation email to new users after they have completed the signup process, it includes their activation link.