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WordPress MS Network Admin Menu

In the multisite version of WordPress, there is another layer of administration called Network Admin.

Upon installation, the admin user is created automatically. They have network admin, or "super admin" powers over the entire site. They are able to access and manage every site on the system, regardless of individual site settings.

If you are logged in as a Network Admin, you will see a 'My Sites' option in the Toolbar. Just under this menu, you will find the path to the Network Admin dashboard.

Inside the Network Admin dashboard, menus include:

  • Dashboard
  • Sites
  • Users
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Settings
  • Updates
this menu item is more of a landing page and has a search box for sites and users
this is the site management page. You can see a list of sites on the system with their users, with edit links to the site's details and to their backends. You can also manually add sites here via the 'Add New' button near the top of the page.
manage all the users on the system, and it also lists the sites of each user.
this menu is for network-wide enabling and disabling of themes. A theme must be enabled here before it is visible to member sites.
this menu is for network-wide activation and deactivation of plugins
probably the most important menu for network management. All network options are available here.
this menu item is used to allow an automated update of the sites in a network.

Network options

Network Name 
What you would like to call this website.
Network Admin Email 
Registration and support mails will come from this address. Make it generic like "support@yoursite.com"
Allow new registrations 
Disable or enable registration and who or what can be registered. (Default=all)
  • Registration is disabled.
  • User accounts may be registered.
  • Logged in users may register new sites.
  • Both sites and user accounts can be registered.

If registration is disabled, please set "NOBLOGREDIRECT" in wp-config.php to a url you will redirect visitors to if they visit a non-existent blog.

Registration notification (checkbox) 
Send the network admin an email notification every time someone registers a blog or user account.
Add New Users (checkbox) 
Allow site administrators to add new users to their site via the "Users → Add New" page.
Banned Names 
Users are not allowed to register these sites. Separate names by spaces.
Limited Email Registrations 
If you want to limit site registrations to certain domains. One domain per line.
Banned Email Domains 
If you want to ban domains from site registrations. One domain per line.
Welcome Email (text you can change) 
The welcome email sent to new site owners.
Welcome User Email (text you can change) 
The welcome email sent to new users.
First Post (text you can change) 
First post on a new site.
First Page (text you can change) 
First page on a new site.
First Comment (text you can change) 
First comment on a new site.
First Comment Author (text you can change) 
Author of the first comment on a new site.
First Comment Author URL (text you can change) 
URL for the first comment on a new site.
Upload media button (ability to turn off or on) 
The media upload buttons to display on the "Write Post" page. Make sure you update the "Upload File Types" below as well.
Site upload space 
Limit total size of files uploaded to (in MB)
Upload File Types (list file extensions)
Max upload file size (in KB)
Enable administration menus
  • Plugins (checkbox)