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Function Reference/edit bookmark link


Displays a link to edit the current bookmark, if the user is logged in and allowed to edit the bookmark. It must be within The Loop.

Use get_edit_bookmark_link to retrieve the url.


 <?php edit_bookmark_link$link$before$after$bookmark ); ?> 


(string) (optional) The link text.
Default: 'Edit This'
(string) (optional) Text to put before the link text.
Default: None
(string) (optional) Text to put after the link text.
Default: None
(int) (optional) Bookmark ID.
Default: Current bookmark ID.


Default Usage

Displays edit bookmark link using defaults.

<?php edit_bookmark_link(); ?>

Displays Edit Bookmark in Paragraph Tag

Displays edit bookmark link, with link text "edit bookmark", in a paragraph (<p>) tag.

<?php edit_bookmark_link('edit bookmark', '<p>', '</p>'); ?>

Change Log

Since: 2.7.0

Source File

edit_bookmark_link() is located in wp-includes/link-template.php.


Edit Link: edit_post_link(), edit_comment_link(), edit_tag_link(), edit_bookmark_link()

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