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若您拥有博客,垃圾评论问题显然会存在。WordPress 不但集成了强大的相关工具,同时也允许您使用垃圾评论防治的各种插件。


免责声明:如下插件和代码由插件作者自己提供支持。WordPress 不对因此产生的后果负责。

在列表中加入的条件:对于要在此列出的插件,应先在 WordPress 英文支持论坛WordPress 中文论坛,或Hacker 邮件列表,并接收到“运行无误”的回复。


Akismet 垃圾评论过滤器

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当前版本的 WordPress 均自带 Akismet。Akismet 使用独特的算法和社区创建的数据库来不断学习如何判定垃圾评论。

请注意:若您将该插件用于商业站点(如包含付费链接、广告和其它收费服务),收费 $5。

要在您的 WordPress 博客上启用 Akismet,请前往插件页面点击相应的“启用”。Akismet 将提示您从 Akismet.com 选择服务计划(有免费计划),然后要求您填写一个 API key。在启用 Akismet 之后,您将在评论页面中看到一个新的列表,列出所有被“捕获”的垃圾评论。

对于“漏网之鱼”,请您在评论页面将其标记为垃圾评论,而不要直接删除它 —— 这样,相关信息将被发送到 Akismet,并添加到社区数据库。

请定期在Akismet 页面检查 Akismet 误判的情况。将其标记为“不是评论”可将这些评论从垃圾评论列表中删除。

My Comments Get Caught By Akismet

Akismet learns by those who mark comment spam as comment spam and legitimate spam is despammed. If your comments are being caught by Akismet, remove them from the Akismet Panel. It might take two or three times, but it will learn and automatically not designate your comments as spam.

Commenters on your blog may have their comments caught by Akismet. If you do not regularly check your Akismet Panel, have an easy way of allowing readers to email you if their comment did not appear.

With updates to the database and major changes to the software, this process may have to be repeated.

If you continue to have problems with Akismet catching your comments or too many of your readers' comments, contact Akismet for more assistance.

Combating Comment Spam FAQ

Default Comment Spam Tools

The following are the default comment spam tools that come with every installation of WordPress, in addition to the Akismet WordPress Plugin.

Number of Links in Posts

To change the number of links in comment posts, which may help stop comment spammers who include dozens of links in their comment posts, you can change the setting for the number of links permitted in a comment.

  • Go to the Settings > Discussion panel.
  • Scroll down to Comment Moderation.
  • In the section which covers the number of links in a post, it is set to 2 by default. You could lower to one.

NOTE: Do not set this to zero or leave the field blank. It will send every comment to moderation -- not the desired effect.

Spam Words

If you encounter a word or phrase that is not in the Spam Words list, you can add it. You can also add the spam words found on the Spam Words list to the list that comes with your WordPress installation.

  • Go to the Settings > Discussion > Comment Moderation panel.
  • In the Spam Words textarea box, you can add additional spam words.
  • Added words are to be on a single line with a single line break after them with no spaces in between the words. If you include a blank line, every single comment will be moderated.
  • When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URI, e-mail, or IP, WordPress will hold it in the moderation queue.

Comment Blacklist

Included on your Settings > Discussion panel is a section called the Comment Blacklist. This is a list of words completely blacklisted from your blog.

Be very careful what you add here. If a comment matches something here it will be completely nuked and there will be no notification. These "nuked" comments will not appear on your blog, but they will remain in your database marked as [spam]. Comments that are marked as [spam] are held in your database to educate "intelligent" anti-spam plugins, such as Akismet.

Choose your blacklist words wisely!

Remember that partial words can match, so if there is any chance something here might match it would be better to put it in the moderation box. Blacklisting a word such as tramadol will automatically delete any comments containing tramadol, tramadols, bigtramadol, etc. But, blacklisting a word such as ass will automatically delete comments containing ass, asses, assistance, passionate, assumption, etc.

Moderate All Comments

Depending upon the amount of comments and control you want over comments on your WordPress site, you may want to moderate all comments on your site.

In the Settings > Discussion panel, check the box next to An administrator must approve the comment (regardless of any matches below).

Pre-approve Comments from Old Commenters

You can also set your Settings > Discussion panel options to allow previously approved comments to avoid moderation. Check Comment author must have a previously approved comment.

Restrict Comments to Registered Users

If you allow only registered users to comment, you can restrict comments to only registered users.

  • Go to the Settings > General panel
  • Under Membership:, select Users must be registered and logged in to comment.

Inform Users When Comments are Moderated

When people submit comments, they expect them to appear on your blog immediately. Implementing comment moderation and not telling people will almost certainly result in some people repeatedly submitting the same comment as they think it has disappeared. To prevent this from happening, and to avoid disgruntled and confused readers, inform people that their comment is under review by doing the following:

If you use popup comments, edit comments-popup.php and if you do not, edit comments.php.

Look for the following code:

<input name="submit" type="submit" tabindex="5" value="<?php _e("Say it!"); ?>" />

Change that to the following, adding your own customization:

Comment moderation is in use. Please do not submit your comment twice -- it will appear shortly.
<input name="submit" type="submit" tabindex="5" value="<?php _e("Say it!"); ?>" />

Spam Plugins

There are many plugin options to choose from to add to WordPress' built-in comment spam protection and found in the Official WordPress Plugin Directory and WordPress Plugin Database.

Comment Spam Hacks

The following are not recommended for average users. They involve editing WordPress core files. BACKUP your files first.

Delete wp-comments-post.php 
The ultimate end-all solution to your comment spam troubles. This will effectively disable comments and is good for stopping comment spam floods. No one will be able to comment on your WordPress site.
Delete wp-trackback.php 
The ultimate end-all solution to your trackback spam troubles. This will effectively disable trackbacks and is good for stopping trackback spam floods. This will mean that no one will be able to trackback your posts, so do this after consideration.
Denying access with .htaccess 
While drastic, you can make modifications in your .htaccess file if you are using an Apache server. Check the Internet and Apache for more information.
Use nofollow 
The nofollow attribute is another method used to strip spammers of their page ranks. According to Google, "when Google sees the attribute (rel="nofollow") on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when we rank websites in our search results." Under WordPress v1.5, the nofollow attribute is automatically added to all links in the comments section.

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