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zh-cn:插件 编辑页面

插件 → 编辑

在 WordPress 中,插件文件是用户通常可以编辑的几种文件之一。尽管很少有用户修改插件的代码,您可以在插件 编辑页面编辑这些插件文件。

插件 编辑页面


Edit Plugins

The built-in Plugins Editor allows you to view or change any Plugin PHP code in the large text (or edit) box that dominates this Screen.

If a particular file is writeable (see Changing File Permissions), you can make changes and save the file from here. If not, you will see the message You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes. See the Codex for more information.

The name of the Plugin file being edited shows up at the top of the text box. Since Plugin files are pure text, no images or pictures can be inserted into the text box.

Plugin Selection Menu

You can select a Plugin to edit from the dropdown menu on the top right. Just find a Plugin name and click "Select."

Plugin Files
Below the Plugin Selection Menu is a list of the Plugin files that can be edited. Click on any of the file links to place the text of that file in the text box.
Documentation Lookup
Under the editor, there is a dropdown menu listing function names found in the Plugin file you are editing. By selecting a function and clicking the "Lookup" button, you can view its documentation on phpdoc.wordpress.org (WordPress functions) or php.net (PHP functions).

Update File

Remember to click this button to save the changes you have made to the Plugin file. After clicking this button you should see a splash message at the top of the screen saying "File edited successfully." If you don't see that message, then your changes are not saved! Note that if a file is not writeable the Update File button will not be available.

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