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用户可以批量编辑文章的某些栏目,比如作者、评论允许状况、文章状态、是否允许 ping,以及置顶状况。特别提醒:至少在 2.7 版本中,分类目录和标签可以批量添加,但是添加之后就无法批量删除或修改了。另外,“快速编辑”也是一个好用的功能,您可以使用它来快速编辑某篇文章的多个属性,比如标题、别名、日期,和分类目录等。



Edit Posts

Table of Posts

A table lists all of your Posts, by row. The Posts are listed with the newest Post first.

The table of Posts contains the following columns:

  • [ ] – This checkbox, when clicked (checked), 'selects' that particular Post to be processed by a Bulk Action.
  • Post - This is actually the Post's Title displayed as a link. Click the Title link to allow this Post to be edited. Next to the Title, if a Post is of a Draft, Private, Pending, or Password Protected nature, text will display showing that.
  • "ID" - This is not a column in the Table, but by hovering the mouse over the Post Title, the Post ID is revealed as part of the URL displayed in the browser status bar (in Firefox the status bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen). A Post's ID number is the unique number WordPress' database uses to identify individual Posts.
  • Author - Displayed in the form of a link, this is the author who wrote the Post. Clicking the author link causes all the Posts authored by that user to be displayed in the Table of Posts (thus allowing a Bulk Action to be applied to all Posts for a given author).
  • Categories - Displays all the Categories, in the form of links, to which this Post belongs. Each Category link, when clicked will cause the list of Posts assigned that Category to be displayed in the Table of Posts (note the Category Filter box at the top of the Table will depict the Category being displayed).
  • Tags - Displays all the Tags, in the form of links, associated with a Post. Each Tag link, when clicked will cause the list of Posts assigned that Tag to be displayed in the Table of Posts.
  • comment bubble - A comment bubble is the column heading, and each Post row has comment bubble with the number of comments for that Post. If a Posts has any comments, then the number comments is displayed in a blue bubble. Clicking on a blue comment bubble causes the Comments Screen to be displayed to allow moderation of those comments.
  • Date - The Date column for each Post shows the Date 'Published' for Published Posts and the Date 'Last Modified' for other Posts. If the Post is a "future Post," the number of days until that Posts is scheduled for publishing is displayed.

Screen Options

The Screen Options allow you to choose which columns are displayed, or not displayed, in the underlying Table. Clicking on the Screen Options tab shows a list of the columns with a check-box next to each column. Check the box for each column you want displayed in the Table, or uncheck the box to not display that column. Click the Screen Options tab again to close the Screen Options.


Above the Table, to the right, is a search box where you can enter a word, or series of words, and click the "Search Posts" button to search and display all the Posts meeting your search words.

Filtering Options

At the top of this Screen are links such as All, Published, Schedules, Pending Review, Draft, Private, that when clicked, will cause just the Posts of that type to be displayed in the underlying Table.

Below that, and to the right of the Bulk Actions Apply button, are two other filter options:

Show all dates
This dropdown allows you to select, by date, which Posts are displayed in the Table of Posts. By default, "Show all dates" is selected and all of your Posts are displayed.
View all categories
This dropdown allows you to select, by Category, which Posts are displayed in the Table of Posts. By default, "Show all categories" is selected and all of your Posts are displayed.
Clicking this button applies the settings you select in the dropdowns.

Using Selection, Actions, and Apply


This Screen allows Bulk Actions to be performed on one or more Posts selected in the Table. For Bulk Actions to be performed on multiple Posts at once, those Posts must be first selected via one of these methods:
  • Select one Post at a time - To select a Post, the checkbox to the left of the Post entry must be checked (clicked). It is possible to keep selecting more Posts by checking their respective checkbox.
  • Select all Posts in given Table - All Posts in a given table can be selected by checking the checkbox in the Table's title, or footer bar. Of course, unchecking the header or footer title bar checkbox will cause all entries in that Table to be unchecked (NOT selected).
  • Reverse Selection - A Reverse Selection means checked items become unchecked, and unchecked items become checked. A Reverse Selection is accomplished by holding the Shift key on the keyboard and clicking the header or footer title bar checkbox.


Actions describe the process to be performed on particular Posts. There are two styles of Actions that will be referred to as Bulk Actions and Immediate Actions. The following describes these Actions:
  • Bulk Actions - These Actions can be performed on one, or more Posts, at one time, if those Posts have been previously selected. Bulk Actions are available, when appropriate, as choices in the Bulk Actions pulldown box, above the Table. The only Bulk Actions allowed are Edit and Delete.
  • Immediate Actions - Immediate Actions are performed Immediately, on an individual Post. Hovering the mouse cursor over the Post row reveals the Edit, Delete, and View options under the Name column, in that Post's row. Clicking on a Post's Name will also initiate the Edit Action.
The available Actions are described below:
  • Edit - This Action can be either an "Immediate Action" or a "Bulk Action". The Immediate Action, initiated by click on the Post Name or clicking on the Edit option just below the Post Name, causes the Edit Posts screen to display. Edit is also available as a Bulk Action for the selected Posts, so see the Bulk Edit section for details on the Bulk Editing process.
  • Quick Edit - Quick Edit is an "Immediate Action" that allows a quick in-line edit of certain fields related to a Post. See the Quick Edit section for details on this Action.
  • Delete - This Action deletes the Posts. Delete is available both as a Bulk Action, and an Immediate Action.
  • View - This Action presents the Post as it appears in a single Post view on your blog. View is available only as an Immediate Action.
Bulk Edit
The Bulk Edit Posts 'screen' is displayed below the Table Of Posts header once, one, or more Posts, have been selected, and the Bulk Action of Edit is Applied. Bulk Edit allows the fields, Author, Comments Allowed, Status, Pings Allowed, and Sticky, to be changed for all the selected Posts. It is important to note, Categories and Tags can be ADDED in bulk to a set of Posts, but it is not possible to CHANGE, or DELETE, a Category, or Tag, for those Posts.
  • Cancel - Click Cancel to cancel and abort the Bulk Edit of these Posts.
  • Update Posts - Click Update Post to save the Bulk Edits made to these Posts.
Quick Edit
Quick Edit is an Immediate Action performed on one Post by clicking the Quick Edit link, under the Post Title in the Table of Posts. Quick Edit is just an in-line edit that allows you to change the following items--Title, Slug, Date, Author, Password or Private post box, Categories, Tags, Allow Comments, Allow Pings, Status, and Make this a post-sticky.
  • Cancel - Click Cancel to cancel and abort the Edit of this Post.
  • Update Post - Click Update Post to save the Edits made to this Post.
Editing Individual Posts

This mode is essentially the same as the Posts Add New Screen so see the Posts_Add_New_Screen for the specific details of writing a Post. The only difference is that the button to save your work is called "Update Post" instead of "Publish".


After one or more Posts are selected, and after a Bulk Action is specified, the Apply button performs the given Action on the selected Posts.
  • Apply - Click the Apply button to execute the Bulk Action, specified in the Actions pulldown, on the selected Posts. Remember, prior to executing Actions, one or more Posts must be selected, as described before.
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