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Codex:Search strategy


Reevaluate the search function available on codex and the rest of wordpress.

Initial ideas

Copied from initial inquiry at User_talk:Lorelle.

A good example of why the current search needs to be modified is attempting to search for your wiki user page. Lorelle yields too many irrelelvant results, and even searching for specifically User:Lorelle (Please!) comes up blank. How is this a useable search?

I've been quite frustrated with this a number of times. I write to make sure no such Codex: namespace page already exists, and to recommend Codex:Search strategy.

Threads on wp-docs:

here 04:33, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)

Possible solutions

  • Use external engine to limit search.
  • Use firefox plugins.
  • Offer two search boxes in wiki, one for wordpress; one for wiki. Possible with toggle.