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Import Links SubPanel

This article may be outdated and contain information pertaining to an older version of WordPress. Please take caution when following the procedure, as many things may have changed.

Links → Import Links

If you have a bunch of links you want to import, this Import Links SubPanel is your solution. Here you can import links from other blogs, via various websites or aggregators.

Importing Links

Importing links.
This admininistration tool uses an OPML file from a link manager service such as BlogRolling or Blo.gs and others.

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is an XML-based format for transferring information in an environment-independent form. For more information, see the Outline Processor Markup Language Organizaion.

Import Links SubPanel

The Import Links subpanel is in the Links Subpanel. Choose from either option 1 or 2 to add your blogroll. Follow the instructions provided:

  1. Go to Blogrolling.com and sign in. Once you’ve done that, click on Get Code, and then look for the OPML code.
  2. Or go to Blo.gs and sign in. Once you’ve done that in the 'Welcome Back' box on the right, click on share, and then look for the OPML link (favorites.opml).
  3. Select that text and copy it or copy the link/shortcut into the box below.

    Your OPML URL: Enter the OPML address

  4. or you can upload an OPML file from your desktop aggregator:

    Upload this file: Enter the OPML address

  5. Now select a category you want to put these links in.
  6. Click Import and the file will be imported.

If you use another service that isn't on there, do the similar actions with that service to create an OPML file. If you don't know how, check with your blogroll service.

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