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Manage Posts SubPanel

This article may be outdated and contain information pertaining to an older version of WordPress. Please take caution when following the procedure, as many things may have changed.

Manage → Posts

Upon visiting the Manage Panel, WordPress defaults to this Posts SubPanel. On this SubPanel you can edit and delete existing posts.

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Table of Posts

When you first go to the Manage Posts SubPanel, the fifteen most recent posts are presented as rows in this table. The columns displayed are:

  • ID - The post's ID number is the unique number WordPress' database uses to identify individual posts.
  • When - The date and time the post was (or will be) published.
  • Title - The title of your post.
  • Categories - All of the categories of which your post is a member. Each category shown in this table links to a page on your blog which shows all of the posts in that category.
  • Comments - The table tells you how many comments have been made regarding the post. The link in this column takes you to the Comments Comments SubPanel and allows you to edit or delete comments from this post.
  • Author - Which user of the blog wrote the post.
  • View - This link will display the post as the rest of the world sees it.
  • Edit - Edits the post. This takes you back to the Write Post SubPanel and allows you to modify what you've written or change any of the post's option settings. You only have this option if you wrote the post or have a higher user level than the author.
  • Delete - Deletes the post. You will get a warning, which is good since posts cannot be undeleted. You only have this option if you wrote the page or have a higher user level than the author.

Sorting Posts

WordPress offers several methods of sorting blog posts with a filter. You can filter by search term, post type, author, month published, and category. You can also combine any or all of those filters and do them all at once.

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