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Talk:Using Themes/Theme List

I think it would be easier to use this page if there were also pictures of each theme. It would also be sweet if there were links to demos of the theme. It feels very chaotic to me when i have to sort through all the new pages

That's what the other theme lists are for. - MacManX

Spammy links

The link to WP Theme Guide- looks like spammy spam bait, I followed some of the links in the sidebar of the destination site, and they were all spam sites.

Duplicate page /Themes and /Using_Themes/Theme_List

Shouldn't the redirect from Themes into Using_Themes/Theme_List be a 301 permanent redirect so the search engines don't index duplicate content?

I can't look into the .htaccess but the redirect is just normal for a mediawiki. --TomK32 05:25, 22 Apr 2007 (UTC)

1/12/06 Links Removed

Following links were removed because they were dead and I couldn't find them searching on the new site (if any).

Two Columns

David N. (NetworX)
fSP theme 
David N. (NetworX)
Summer Kiss 
Mark Lacsamana - Summer styles XHTML CSS theme feat. ZONE
Dark Maple 
Chris Lin
Fresh Bananas 
Jeff Wheeler
Chris Lin
Just A Mindset 
Grubby Slipcovers 
House of Bricks 
Ian Main
Matt Gerega - CSS, XHTML and design is released under the GPL.
SummerTimes Cheery 
By Sameera Wijesundera. Bright theme with warm colors. Centered, sidebar on right, calendar enabled. Released under CC/GNU GPL.

Three Columns

Themes with content + 2 sidebars.

Gila Lime 
Omar (this can be found at http://omar.armas.name/?s=gila+lime&submit=GO but permalinks are broken-- restore when fixed?)
Rin Tin Tin 
A three-column implementation of Rin by Hemisphere Dancer.

Localized Themes

Neuron in Spanish and Better 
Matt Gerega (translation: El_Nene)
Theme in Danish 
Three columns, fixed width, easy to modify badges and ads -- using Pages to create a horizontal navigation menu.

Admin Themes


List of broken links on Themes

Hi Lorelle:

I ran a link check on the Themes page and came up with some results you might find interesting:

Broken links:

http://meadow.sekhu.net/ _____ error code: 12007 (no such host)

http://www.prissed.com/2005-03/theme-blue-curves/ _____ error code: 404 (not found)

http://www.prissed.com/2005-05/theme-blue-house/ _____ error code: 404 (not found)

http://www.transycan.net/wp/archives/2005/03/05/dark-maple-theme/ _____ error code: 404 (not found)

http://dmin.net/wordpress/?page_id=316 _____ error code: 404 (not found)

http://vidar.xmgfree.com/wp-mindset.php _____ error code: 404 (not found)

http://bluegator.org:66/devel/themes/1.5/Neuron/ _____ error code: 403 (forbidden request)

http://www.carpeaqua.com/archives/2005/03/19/orchid_template_for_wordpress.php _____ error code: 412 (error 412)

http://www.prissed.com/2005-03/theme-pink-curves/ _____ error code: 404 (not found)

http://wigglebottoms.com/download-themes/ _____ error code: 404 (not found)

http://www.podq.com/travelogue/ _____ error code: 412 (error 412)

http://www.diki.or.id/log/2005/04/grass-template-15/ _____ error code: 12007 (no such host)

Redirected links (including some more broken ones):

http://www.nikynik.com/stats/click.php?id=12 redirected to: http://www.nikynik.com/wpstyles/templates/nikynik_blue.zip

http://theloo.org/2005/03/06/borderline-chaos/ redirected to: http://www.theloo.org/404page.html

http://www.nikynik.com/stats/click.php?id=14 redirected to: http://www.nikynik.com/wpstyles/templates/nikynik.pot

http://www.eretzvaju.org/?ts_theme=identification-band-twins-girlish&orig_url=/identification-bands redirected to: http://www.eretzvaju.org/identification-bands

http://dev.danielryan.net/?page_id=4 redirected to: http://templates.doteasy.com/ErrorPages/error404/

http://theloo.org/2005/02/06/first-1999-crop-circles-in-canada/ redirected to: http://www.theloo.org/404page.html

http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ redirected to: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

http://www.ifelse.co.uk/gespaa redirected to: http://ifelse.co.uk/gespaa

http://thebombsite.com/Layouts/124 redirected to: http://thebombsite.com/Gemini/

http://thebombsite.com/Layouts/125 redirected to: http://thebombsite.com/Gemini/

http://www.nikynik.com/stats/click.php?id=11 redirected to: http://www.nikynik.com/wpstyles/templates/nikynik_green.zip

http://www.aamukaste.org/wpthemes/index.php?wptheme=Neat! redirected to: http://www.aamukaste.org/wpthemes/

http://www.nikynik.com/stats/click.php?id=13 redirected to: http://www.nikynik.com/wpstyles/templates/nikynik_red.zip

http://www.nikynik.com/stats/click.php?id=10 redirected to: http://www.nikynik.com/wpstyles/templates/nikynik_orange.zip

http://www.eretzvaju.org/?ts_theme=complicated&orig_url=/complicated redirected to: http://www.eretzvaju.org/complicated

http://www.ifelse.co.uk/archives/2005/03/19/release-of-the-gentle-calm-theme/ redirected to: http://ifelse.co.uk/archives/2005/03/19/release-of-the-gentle-calm-theme/

http://www.perun.net/archiv/2005/03/14/neues-template-landzilla/ redirected to: http://www.perun.net/2005/03/14/neues-template-landzilla/

http://www.aamukaste.org/wpthemes/index.php?wptheme=Boredom! redirected to: http://www.aamukaste.org/wpthemes/

http://nokrev.com/archives/2005/03/fresh-bananas-theme.html redirected to: http://nokrev.com/older/2005/03/fresh_bananas_t.php

http://www.perun.net/archiv/2005/03/19/red-train/ redirected to: http://www.perun.net/2005/03/19/red-train/

http://www.eretzvaju.org/?ts_theme=identification-band-twins-boyish&orig_url=/identification-bands redirected to: http://www.eretzvaju.org/identification-bands

--AniM 23:24, 23 Jul 2005 (UTC)


I am considering splitting this list up into sub-pages to make it easier. if anyone complains, tell me here or by my User_talk:Bdude page. -- Bdude 08:59, 30 Mar 2006 (GMT)

Good idea Bdude. What are you proposing for sub-pages? -- MichaelH (talk) 10:44, 30 Mar 2006 (GMT)
I'd suggest columns and for the two-columns maybe another split up into right and left-column. --TomK32 06:30, 9 Apr 2007 (UTC)

complete change in structure

What about changing the whole structure, away from a single page to pages for every theme (plus heavy working designers). That way we could give every theme categories, form colors to features, license or sponsorship. Due to Mediawiki's restriction to show only 200 pages in a category (and some categories will definitly break that by far) we could add an extension to show the pages of a category chronologically. A big plus to themes.wordpress.net would be to have forks of a theme right under the original theme. --TomK32 05:51, 15 Apr 2007 (UTC)

Okay broke the doc into one, two, and three column and left the other things in the original doc. --MichaelH (talk) 13:22, 15 Apr 2007 (UTC)
Doesn't look that good to me, and you fucked up the title, should have been Using_Themes/Theme_List/One-Column Theme List etc.
What about a page for every theme? There's enough space an we also could upload screenshots. I'll do some examples this week. --TomK32 18:10, 15 Apr 2007 (UTC)
One theme per page has my -1 --22:37, 15 Apr 2007 (UTC)


I think it's not necessary to link EVERY license. It makes the page to "blue". I'd suggest to have a section or better a well-linked page explaining all the licenses that are normally used for themes. --TomK32 12:24, 10 Apr 2007 (UTC)

Informing the user to the author's important license is the trade-off to the 'too blue'. --MichaelH (talk) 13:09, 11 Apr 2007 (UTC)
But there's no need to link each of them. I can only speak from the point for a de:wikipedia admin, but we always try not to link to one article too often. It simple distracts the user from more important things. Having it as normal text with every theme and an explaining section in the article is the better choice. --TomK32 15:47, 11 Apr 2007 (UTC)
At least with the link there is no confusion about the license. For example, CC-by-SA, what license does that refer to? --MichaelH (talk) 18:31, 11 Apr 2007 (UTC)
I don't see much sense in putting the license info here anyways. either it's open source or it's not on the list. It's ok for me if the info which license it is can be found on the theme's own page. --TomK32 05:41, 15 Apr 2007 (UTC)
Personally, I like the license into--it lets the user know what the license is, and it makes the theme author think about the license. I'm also starting to think we should ask theme authors to note if they are using sponsored links. --MichaelH (talk) 11:42, 15 Apr 2007 (UTC)