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Do you see something?

Do you see something that is perhaps incorrect, or needs clarification?

The best way to make mention of any issues is to use the DISCUSSION function. We request that you please refrain from adding your comments directly onto the ARTICLE page.

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Things I can do...

For ideas of ways to contribute, I can:

  • Visit a random page and see if I think anything needs to be done to it.
  • Visit the Task List to get an idea of what directions we'd like the wiki to go.
  • Visit the Codex:Notable Forum Posts to see what posts have recently been marked as deserving a home at the Codex.
  • View the lists of pages in need of maintenance.

Copy editing

These articles have enough information, more or less, but are in need of a spelling and grammar review, reorganization, clarification, or other editing.

Merging articles

Occasionally two users will create similar, separate articles unwittingly. Such similar pages, or pages with content similar to that which is covered elsewhere, are marked for merging to consolidate the duplicate information.

Expanding articles

These articles are underdeveloped, and need more information. Some are more developed than others, but please feel free to add to all of them.

Wikifying articles

Often pages which are brought from another format (e.g. web page, another wiki) are lacking wiki formatting, contain incorrect formatting, or are lacking intra-wiki links. Familiarize yourself with the wiki syntax and convert these pages to the correct format.

Creating new articles

Articles or subjects listed here have been requested, but have not yet been created:

If you know that something is not covered on Codex, and would like to create an article about it, please be bold and do so! Create a new page in your User: space, then submit a link to your new page to the wp-docs mailing list for review.

Requests for deletion

Some articles are really unnecessary and should be deleted. Pages can only be deleted by an administrator, but run through these pages to be sure you don't object to their deletion, and make sure they weren't marked in error:


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