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zoe somebody is a web designer and developer who has taken a keen interest in WordPress and the WordPress community. Having already made a few edits to the Codex he realized he should really have his own User Page so all the Codex Team and more regular locals know who to yell at.

Primary goal

I want to contribute to the Codex to help bring some more complete documentation that also emphasizes common PHP best practices and standards as well as WP best practices and standards. Too much of the documentation seems written by and for non-programmers and often oversimplifies things and blatantly omits important information.

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About zoe somebody

I have fallen in love with WordPress and am now shifting nearly all of my services to PSD to HTML/CSS/JS and WordPress website development. I have been working from a base theme (Kitchen Sink) I developed utilizing the incredible resources provided by the WordPress community, existing theme and plugins, the myriad of WordPress related resources, and of course the holy Codex.

The more I use the Codex the more I hope to be able to contribute to it and the community as a whole. Besides contributing to the Codex I am open to helping others with projects or answering questions and making available my base development theme (once I get it fully converted to a Parent/Child Theme that can be properly updated).

I neither classify myself as a master designer/developer or novice. I have been designing and developing for over 10 years (regretfully only the past year in WordPress). I owned operated imotion design, a design firm in San Diego County. Hopefully the more I learn to use, abuse, and exploit WordPress I can somehow bring some of my gleaned knowledge back to the Codex.

I expect to be edited mercifully.
Though honestly when I first read the guidelines I swear it said "mercilessly" which would have been more exciting.

Learn more about me at my website http://beingzoe.com/

I look forward to meeting you, virtual or otherwise.
My website or yours?
I'm easy.

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