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On Hold

This is on hold. There are two plugins - TinyMCE Advanced and Advanced TinyMCE that work with 2.2 (+?) that seem to satisfy my requirements and respond to the comments made in the Ideas section. I'm currently experimenting with the latter.

See also the TinyMCE page.

See also a more recently updated list: User:Bentrem/EditorScratch


I'm using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) for small groups who wish to share the responsibility of editing the content. These folks are somewhat tech-savvy, but generally don't have experience with editing web pages. They aren't particularly concerned with formatting -- content is key-- but they do sometimes want to style their text in simple ways. The group is large enough that a server-side solution for WYSIWYG editing is preferable, but client-side solutions may be okay in some cases. I've been following some of the WYSIWYG WordPress discussions for awhile now, and would like to help pull them together into a coherent piece of documentation for those who are new to the platform.

This page is (obviously) not yet a real "draft" -- just a collection of "notes to the author(s)".


Mentions in the Codex

  • Roadmap - updated March 2006 with items that are in 2.1
  • TinyMCE - Info on adding buttons. Is this all that's really needed?
  • FAQ Forum Hot Topics (not updated since early 2006)


Other strategies

Three of the top 18 "popular" ideas deal with this

Development plans?

There doesn't seem to be a visible development discussion. All I could find was User:Matt/WYSIWYG Last updated June 2005

Support tickets



  1. Overview
    1. Landscape of open source server side editors
    2. Landscape of client side editors (extend this)
    3. Some discussion of the tradeoffs
  2. Server-side WYSIWYG options
    1. Other plugins
    2. Roll your own
  3. Client-side WYSIWYG options
    1. Post-to-blog and friends -- covered in Weblog_Client
    2. Pasting from generic HTML editors