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Kafkaesquí "Kaf" Oseo

Hey, Kafkaesquí Oseo here. Feel free to call me Kaf. Everyone does, because it's easier.

Personal Info

So, let's see. Something about myself. Something fact-based.

I live deep in the magical realm of the North-Eastern U.S. (of A.). Sometimes it's a nice place, sometimes it's a difficult place, and sometimes it's a place for planning my escape. I was not born here, but I'll leave it to you to decide if I belong.

I've been online, involved with various Internet-based projects and businesses, for far longer than I'm willing to admit; so don't bother asking. In other words, I'm a curmdgeonly old netizen who was working with HTML before they decided to give it numbers, Web browsers back when they had names taken from felines and art projects, and Perl before Larry Wall took sabbaticals. Sadly, none of this is anything to brag about.


In regards to WordPress-related program activities, I've strung together stolen PHP code and badly structured MySQL query lines for a handful plugins and scripting tools. Some may find them useful. You can find them listed on my Projects page.

I have a weblog, of course. It runs on WordPress. Once again, of course. I don't post to it as often as I probably could. Blame society.

I'm also often caught in the WordPress support forum, passing on the occasional helpful nugget. And I apparently volunteered to help out moderating on Codex, which involves writing and editing some of the documentation found on this here wiki. A glutton for tiny needles of thankless activity, that's what I am.


I think that about sums it up.