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What is a moBlog

The word moBlog is a blend of mobile and weblog. A moBlog is a blog with posts written in a mobile or portable device (such as a PDA or a cell phone), and sent using normal e-mail, or some software that uses XML-RPC protocol. moBlogging could be called the ultimate blogging experience, giving you the ability for write to your blog almost everywhere in the world.

How to

Using E-Mail

Fast idea, should be better in the end revision The easiest way for do moBlogging is send e-mails. Right now, almost all the mobile phones can send a e-mail (having that option as part of the phone, or using a service from your mobile operator). In Blog by Email article, you can learn about how to set up this.

Using mobile XML-RPC clients

Lot of air inside this room'

Special template for mo-posts in home

Bunch of code has to be made in my copious free time

Mo images

Use Flickr!

I should try with the cell phone of a classmate


Lorelle gave me others sites fo search