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XiBe is the usual username used by Xavier Borderie, a.k.a. me.

I'm french, 28 as of April 21st, 2005, and one of the French translators for WordPress.

In my professionnal life, I've been writing programing articles for the past couple of years at JDN Développeurs.

In my spare time, I spend time with my girlfriend, read technical books for fun (and hopefully profit), try to learn proper cooking, don't do cheese/wine/frogs' legs, play guitar by the fireplace, and try to find the time to jot down a few thousand words per post in my personnal blog, I know You....

On this Codex, I'll try to expand the little knowledge I have about WordPress and its surroundings.

Specifically, I'll try and start the translation of the most important articles into French...

Ongoing translations / Traductions en cours


User:XiBe/Autoriser l'envoi des référants

User:XiBe/Foire aux question sur WordPress 2.5

User:XiBe/Mettre à jour WordPress