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Wiki Day/2004

This the Wiki_Day page used in 2004, the first ever Wiki_Day

Wiki Day Work

Those who expressed intent to participate

  • Joshua (Click my link to see my plan)
  • Kaf (Striking at what template tags remain.)
  • Chris (more work on the basic structure, making pages compatible, linkification, error correction and basic completion of pages; maybe I get through to writing a page on "How WordPress generates your site" explaining the template structure and writing more on the loop)
  • User Serge K. Keller (My Wiki Day will start only next year... but that's just 10 days away! So see you there, and best wishes to you all)
  • Aaron Law (I'm just an user of WordPress. May I contribute to the community? And where should I start and follow (what should I read on?) to help to WP documentation?)

Add your name here

Add freely, please be as specific and clearly as possible so that we don't need to ask for clarification
Put your name next to list item that you want to undertake (multiple name for one item is allowed)

  • What everyone can do: Click on the existing links, or search for pages that contain information on a topic you know something about: Is it incomplete? Incomprehensible? Is something missing? Should it link to other pages? -- If yes, edit the page.
  • You want to write on a topic but don't know where it goes? Just decide in which of the six basic categories on the main page it goes, Click on the "More ..." link and create a link to your page off that page.
  • Page naming: Create page names that are titles (everything uppercase except short preposition and conjunctions); make it short and meaningful; avoid "How to..."; think of what search terms users will type in to find the page: those should appear in the title.
  • Does the FAQ need numbering ?
  • Explain the license in really basic terms ? And maybe also explain why it would be helpful to leave the line marked as such in <head> ? Or not ?
  • Template Tags. Move over the missing ones from the old wiki. We need examples of use for many, showing output as a screenshot, or as xhtml. (Joshua)
  • Move over other stuff from the old wiki, eg to complete:
  • CSS. Stay away from CSS. (I don't understand this)
  • Explain what the word 's_e_a_r_c_h' actually means and how it makes the world a nicer place ?
  • How to troubleshoot your problems ?
  1. What did you do just before it broke ?
  2. Have you cleared cache / cookies ?
  3. Can you try from another machine ?
  4. etc etc
  • add missing features to Carthik's Feature List and write a brief synopsis for each feature.
  • ...