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es:Voluntarios del foro de ayuda

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Los voluntarios del foro de ayuda son miembros del WordPress Support Forum que te proporcionan respuestas para tus problemas y temas de WordPress.

Si te interesa ser voluntario y ayudar en el foro de WordPress, no hay criterio de entrada. Elige lo que crees que sabes hacer. Se recomienda que tengas lo siguiente:

  • Familiaridad con funciones y características de WordPress
  • Familiaridad con la terminología de WordPress
  • Capacidad de entender lo que se pretende preguntar, no solo la pregunta (no todos pueden escribir inglés muy bien así que algunas veces tenemos que interpretar o preguntar más cuestiones)
  • Paciencia
  • Deseo de ir un paso más allá

Se pueden hallar líneas guía para quienes quiera que usen el foro en Using the Support Forums es:Usar los foros de ayuda. Para estar al día con las noticias e información sobre las actividades del foro, y para preguntar acerca del voluntariado, date de alta en la lista de correo de wp-forums (inglés).

Para preguntas, discusiones y otra información, pincha la Pestaña de discusión al inicio de la página.

Linking to Docs

It is often convenient to link to a page from the Docs section when replying on the forums. Here's a nice little shortcut: Wrap the Page's address in double brackets. Not the full URL, just the Page.

For instance, a quick shortcut to the Using Permalinks page would be typed like this:


When you save the post it'll be converted to a proper link.

Note: This only works with pages without -'s in their link.

Moderation Assistance

If you see a topic that you feel needs a Moderator's attention, add the tag "modlook" to it. In particular, watch for some of the following:

  • duplicate posts
  • excessive (or premature) bumps
  • spam & SEO attempts
  • accidental password or key data sharing
  • non-WordPress related requests

Note that there is no need to add extra tags or to attempt to explain the problem. Moderators are smart; they'll see the issue for themselves. Adding explanations is just more work for them to clean up as well.

Moderators: after handing a modlook topic, be sure to remove the tag!

Forum Structure

To familiarize you with the structure of the WordPress Forum, here are the various sections and related Codex articles that may help:


Problems with getting it running: Inquiries and information is provided here to help members with the installation process of WordPress.

How-To and Troubleshooting

Once it's running: Generally, this is the catch-all section for all questions about installing, troubleshooting, themes, queries, templates, all the various aspects of WordPress.

Themes and Templates

XHTML and CSS: Questions about WordPress Themes, CSS, XHTML, structure, layout and design are usually found here.

Plugins and Hacks

Extensions and modifications: This is where information and questions about WordPress Plugins are made and sometimes requests for new plugins. While it is recommended users ask plugin authors for technical support first by checking the author's site, most people begin their questions in this section.

Requests and Feedback

Feature requests and criticism: Generally, this is the section where people can request modifications, improvements, and give feedback about WordPress. Answers are not always necessary, but if there are bug reports or requests that are already in place, answers need to be provided.

Your WordPress

Strut your stuff: The Your WordPress section is solely for requests for WordPress site reviews and comments.


Almost everything else: Everything else gets set here. This includes news announcements about WordPress or WordPress related topics, information to help WordPress users, and general "doesn't go anywhere else" posts.
Note: Posts in Miscellaneous don't have an option to "mark as resolved".