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Fun Character Entities
Function API/wp remote retrieve body
Function ReferenceFunction Reference/$post
Function Reference/Walker CategoryFunction Reference/Walker ClassFunction Reference/Walker Comment
Function Reference/ 2Function Reference/ 2ngettextFunction Reference/ admin notice multisite activate plugins page
Function Reference/ cFunction Reference/ cleanup header commentFunction Reference/ e
Function Reference/ exFunction Reference/ get list table
Function Reference/ get meta sqlFunction Reference/ get plugin data markup translateFunction Reference/ n
Function Reference/ n noopFunction Reference/ nx
Function Reference/ nx noopFunction Reference/ return empty arrayFunction Reference/ return empty string
Function Reference/ return falseFunction Reference/ return nullFunction Reference/ return true
Function Reference/ return zeroFunction Reference/ transition post statusFunction Reference/ wp post revision fields
Function Reference/ wp post thumbnail htmlFunction Reference/ wp relative upload pathFunction Reference/ x
Function Reference/absintFunction Reference/activate pluginFunction Reference/add action
Function Reference/add blog optionFunction Reference/add cap
Function Reference/add comment metaFunction Reference/add comments pageFunction Reference/add contextual help
Function Reference/add custom backgroundFunction Reference/add custom image headerFunction Reference/add dashboard page
Function Reference/add editor styleFunction Reference/add existing user to blog
Function Reference/add filterFunction Reference/add group
Function Reference/add image sizeFunction Reference/add links pageFunction Reference/add magic quotes
Function Reference/add management pageFunction Reference/add media page
Function Reference/add menu pageFunction Reference/add metaFunction Reference/add meta box
Function Reference/add metadataFunction Reference/add new user to blog
Function Reference/add object pageFunction Reference/add optionFunction Reference/add options page
Function Reference/add pages pageFunction Reference/add permastructFunction Reference/add ping
Function Reference/add plugins pageFunction Reference/add post metaFunction Reference/add post type support
Function Reference/add posts pageFunction Reference/add query argFunction Reference/add rewrite rule
Function Reference/add roleFunction Reference/add screen optionFunction Reference/add settings error
Function Reference/add settings fieldFunction Reference/add settings sectionFunction Reference/add shortcode
Function Reference/add site optionFunction Reference/add submenu pageFunction Reference/add theme page
Function Reference/add theme supportFunction Reference/add user metaFunction Reference/add user to blog
Function Reference/add users pageFunction Reference/add utility pageFunction Reference/addslashes gpc
Function Reference/admin notice feedFunction Reference/admin urlFunction Reference/antispambot
Function Reference/apply filtersFunction Reference/apply filters ref array
Function Reference/attribute escapeFunction Reference/auth redirectFunction Reference/author can
Function Reference/avoid blog page permalink collisionFunction Reference/background colorFunction Reference/background image
Function Reference/backslashitFunction Reference/balanceTagsFunction Reference/bloginfo
Function Reference/bloginfo rssFunction Reference/body classFunction Reference/bool from yn
Function Reference/build queryFunction Reference/cache javascript headersFunction Reference/calendar week mod
Function Reference/cancel comment reply linkFunction Reference/capital P dangitFunction Reference/cat is ancestor of
Function Reference/category descriptionFunction Reference/check admin refererFunction Reference/check ajax referer
Function Reference/check commentFunction Reference/check import new usersFunction Reference/check theme switched
Function Reference/check upload mimesFunction Reference/check upload sizeFunction Reference/checked
Function Reference/choose primary blogFunction Reference/clean blog cacheFunction Reference/clean comment cache
Function Reference/clean page cacheFunction Reference/clean post cacheFunction Reference/clean pre
Function Reference/clean term cacheFunction Reference/clean urlFunction Reference/clear global post cache
Function Reference/comment IDFunction Reference/comment authorFunction Reference/comment author IP
Function Reference/comment author emailFunction Reference/comment author email linkFunction Reference/comment author link
Function Reference/comment author rssFunction Reference/comment author urlFunction Reference/comment author url link
Function Reference/comment classFunction Reference/comment dateFunction Reference/comment excerpt
Function Reference/comment formFunction Reference/comment form titleFunction Reference/comment id fields
Function Reference/comment linkFunction Reference/comment link rssFunction Reference/comment reply link
Function Reference/comment textFunction Reference/comment text rssFunction Reference/comment time
Function Reference/comment typeFunction Reference/comments linkFunction Reference/comments number
Function Reference/comments openFunction Reference/comments popup linkFunction Reference/comments popup script
Function Reference/comments rss linkFunction Reference/comments templateFunction Reference/confirm delete users
Function Reference/content urlFunction Reference/convert charsFunction Reference/convert smilies
Function Reference/count many users postsFunction Reference/count user postsFunction Reference/count users
Function Reference/create empty blogFunction Reference/create initial taxonomiesFunction Reference/current filter
Function Reference/current theme supportsFunction Reference/current timeFunction Reference/current user can
Function Reference/current user can for blogFunction Reference/dashboard quotaFunction Reference/date i18n
Function Reference/debug fopenFunction Reference/debug fwriteFunction Reference/delete blog option
Function Reference/delete comment metaFunction Reference/delete metadataFunction Reference/delete option
Function Reference/delete post metaFunction Reference/delete post thumbnailFunction Reference/delete site option
Function Reference/delete site transientFunction Reference/delete transientFunction Reference/delete user meta
Function Reference/delete user optionFunction Reference/delete usermetaFunction Reference/did action
Function Reference/disabledFunction Reference/discover pingback server uriFunction Reference/display space usage
Function Reference/do accordion sectionsFunction Reference/do actionFunction Reference/do action ref array
Function Reference/do all pingsFunction Reference/do encloseFunction Reference/do feed
Function Reference/do feed atomFunction Reference/do feed rdfFunction Reference/do feed rss
Function Reference/do feed rss2Function Reference/do meta boxesFunction Reference/do robots
Function Reference/do settings fieldsFunction Reference/do settings sectionsFunction Reference/do shortcode
Function Reference/do shortcode tagFunction Reference/do trackbacksFunction Reference/domain exists
Function Reference/download urlFunction Reference/dropdown catsFunction Reference/dynamic sidebar
Function Reference/edit bookmark linkFunction Reference/edit comment linkFunction Reference/edit post
Function Reference/edit post linkFunction Reference/edit tag linkFunction Reference/edit term link
Function Reference/edit userFunction Reference/email existsFunction Reference/ent2ncr
Function Reference/es:wp login urlFunction Reference/esc attr
Function Reference/esc attr 2Function Reference/esc attr eFunction Reference/esc attr x
Function Reference/esc htmlFunction Reference/esc html 2Function Reference/esc html e
Function Reference/esc html xFunction Reference/esc jsFunction Reference/esc sql
Function Reference/esc textareaFunction Reference/esc urlFunction Reference/esc url raw
Function Reference/export wpFunction Reference/fetch feedFunction Reference/fetch rss
Function Reference/file is displayable imageFunction Reference/filter SSLFunction Reference/fix import form size
Function Reference/fix phpmailer messageidFunction Reference/flush rewrite rulesFunction Reference/force balance tags
Function Reference/force ssl adminFunction Reference/force ssl contentFunction Reference/force ssl login
Function Reference/form optionFunction Reference/format code langFunction Reference/format to edit
Function Reference/format to postFunction Reference/funky javascript fixFunction Reference/gallery shortcode
Function Reference/generic pingFunction Reference/get 404 template
Function Reference/get active blog for userFunction Reference/get adjacent postFunction Reference/get adjacent post rel link
Function Reference/get admin page titleFunction Reference/get admin urlFunction Reference/get admin users for domain
Function Reference/get all category idsFunction Reference/get all page idsFunction Reference/get alloptions
Function Reference/get allowed mime typesFunction Reference/get allowed themesFunction Reference/get ancestors
Function Reference/get approved commentsFunction Reference/get archive templateFunction Reference/get archives
Function Reference/get archives linkFunction Reference/get attached file
Function Reference/get attached media
Function Reference/get attachment linkFunction Reference/get attachment template

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