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2.1 Plugin Compatibility

Usually to be found in the forums.

  • Installing with CPanel
  • Installing with Plesk
  • Installing with Ensim
  • Installing with vDeck
  • The Classic CSS explained and dissected
  • The Gemini theme
  • The Trident theme
  • A garish demonstration of CSS
  • How to colour your quicktags
  • How to empty or drop tables using phpMyAdmin
  • How to change your site_url and home values using phpMyAdmin
  • How to reset your password using phpMyAdmin
  • How to backup your data using phpMyAdmin
  • How to restore your data using phpMyAdmin
  • How to repair database tables using phpMyAdmin
  • A blog for you to test Pings and Trackbacks
  • Add yourself to a UK map of WP bloggers
  • Add yourself to a global map of WP bloggers
  • Downloadable documentation (limited time only, and fully GPL compliant)
  • A 1.2->1.5 Upgrade guide
  • How to create a Podcast Quicktag
  • A list of default files and their permissions
  • How to implement "Asides"
  • How to add more smilies
  • How to create more Quicktags
  • How to have collapsible categories
  • How to install the 'Last Visit' plugin
  • An encoder for posting code snippets
  • The 'Moosecandy' plugin
  • Installing Xampp and WordPress on your PC
  • Moving your blog from the web to inside your PC
  • Moving your blog to another host
  • Moving your blog to a new domain name
  • A Cron script to send you nightly backups of your database
  • How to use the Filezilla FTP program
  • Guides to using seven FTP programs and the Command Line
  • and hey... there will be more soon !

Not quite sure why I'm leaving this list below, but I may need something at some point.

  1. Moving to 1.3 and Themes
  2. User:Podz/Live|Live Help
  3. Permissions
  4. Quickanddirtyguide
  5. User:Podz/ColouredQuicktags|ColouredQuicktags
  6. User:Podz/Repair|Repair
  7. Backup Guide - Work in Process
  8. User:Podz/Filelisting|Filelisting
  9. Linkdump
  10. User:Podz/Headers|Headers
  11. Support Forum Volunteers
  12. Creating_a_PDF_of_a_Codex_Article
  13. International