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User talk:MichaelH/Archive 2006

Welcome to my Archives for 2006. Please don't edit this but feel free to leave comments on my Discussion (talk) Page. MichaelH (talk) 14:27, 12 May 2005 (UTC)

on wp_list_cats issue

Michael -- the Stepping into Template tags article http://codex.wordpress.org/Talk:Stepping_Into_Template_Tags has the problem as well. The example shows top-level categories & the child categories of Cat3. I think that article needs to be updated as well. I'd do it myself, but don't want to step on any toes :)

edits to Displaying Posts Using a Custom Select Query

Hi Michael, just wanted to say thanks for the edits and cleanup of Displaying Posts Using a Custom Select Query. I'm going to move this over to the new category for codex editorial review. Thanks again! --planetthoughtful 08:59, 6 Feb 2006 (GMT)

So Very Lost in the new Codex

Hi Michael! I wandered away for a few months and returned to find the Codex has changed styles/formats. No biggie - but I can't get the Search box to return any results on anything I've searched. Tried some questionable things like "reverse order" and "post order" with no results -- so then I tried just "post" and that didn't work, and, well, if there's any word I'd expect to get at least one hit on the Codex it'd be "post". And when "theme" didn't return anything, well, I got suspicious. The "kick-butt" yahoo web search doesn't seem to be kicking much!

Anyway, do you know who I talk to in order to find out if I'm crazy? Using Safari 2.0.3 on Mac OS X if it makes a difference. Thanks!

Skins and Search

Hi Michael - Oh heavens, this is much better. The MonoBook skin is working a lot better for me. Thank you for all the help! --Kirabug 04:20, 23 Mar 2006 (GMT)

We Have a Problem

Hello Micheal,

We have a problem, and I think that you are the person who can help us. I am a member and contributor of WordPress Türkiye, which is a community for Turkish WordPress users. I am also responsible for the creating a Turkish wiki for WordPress.

We are trying really hard to widen usage of WordPress in Turkey, and we are proud of what we are doing. Recently a Turkish person created a site named wordpress.gen.tr, who has ripped the theme of official wordpress developer site, and he has declared that his site is the "official local mirror" of WordPress in Turkey.

We would be happy to see another WordPress site in Turkey, as it may also help spreading WordPress, the software we love to use. But there is a problem with this site. Worse than being an untalented theme ripper (he's not even using WordPress at that site), the person who has created this page also stealing content and installation package from wordpress-tr.com! He is publishing our material, after replacing the included links with his own and without any given credits. He is also creating spam on here at wp codex, and deleting our links from "WordPress in your language" page.

We have talked to Matt about the subject, he is stated in his email that this site is not official at all, and he is going to help us to take legal action about this site. If you can help us to keep this person away from the codex (or at least not to delete our credits at Turkish translation section) during this period, we will be pleased.

Thanks in advance.

User:Ali Lastest 'deface' rolled back. Thanks for the heads up. MichaelH (talk) 21:27, 13 Jun 2006 (GMT)
Thank you for your help, much appreciated. Ali (talk) 07:30, 14 Jun 2006 (GMT).

re: About Me widget edit

Thanks for the 'catch' Michael. I started getting 500 errors in the middle of previewing. I probably klutzed it.

Giving WordPress Its Own Directory

Hi Michael. I'm just curious as to why Giving WordPress Its Own Directory is fully protected. I don't want to edit anything on the page, I'm just curious as to why it was protected. Thanks, — JeremyTalk 04:46, 29 Aug 2006 (GMT)

Okay, thanks a lot :) — JeremyTalk 00:05, 30 Aug 2006 (GMT)

Thanks for the hint re: signatures --MartinCleaver 13:30, 10 Sep 2006 (GMT)

New page created question

Does the new page created category get automatically removed at some point? --MartinCleaver 16:01, 12 Sep 2006 (GMT)

Every once in a while I'll got through and remove that Category from an article.
MichaelH (talk) 16:21, 12 Sep 2006 (GMT)

What purpose does it solve that recent changes doesn't solve? Thanks. question left by user MartinCleaver

Others have the chance to see what's new. Recent Changes go back 30 days.
MichaelH (talk) 18:39, 12 Sep 2006 (GMT)

Restrict recent changes

Is there a way to list only the recent changes in a particular category? Personally, I only want to see those in the WPMU category, and only those written in English? question left by user MartinCleaver

Don't think there is. That's a good question for the Mediawiki list or check their archives.
MichaelH (talk) 18:39, 12 Sep 2006 (GMT)
I just found that this works, I have yet to ask the question and the archives don't provide a search (y, I know I could site: google it). Thx. : http://codex.wordpress.org/index.php?title=Special:Recentchangeslinked&target=Category%3AWPMU

--MartinCleaver 19:12, 12 Sep 2006 (GMT)

discussion policies (and signing)

I assume you moved the discussion on http://codex.wordpress.org/Talk:WPMU_Random_Blog because it was heading towards a policy discussion, not one about the particular page. Is this correct?

And yes, I generally sign my discussion posts (as you noted on my talk page) - just forgot this one. cori(talk) 21:19, 13 Sep 2006 (GMT)

Re: Trac commit rights

MartinCleaver - only Donncha has commit rights at the WPMU Trac and only Matt and Ryan have commit right at the WordPress Trac. If that is unsatisfactory to you, please address that concern to those individuals.

I understand that "many people have asked" and "That is it as for as coding goes, and that is how it will remain, as has been said in Matt's blog, on wp mailing lists, on the wp.org forums and many, many other places around". Whether I am satisfied is not the issue: the WPMU dev team are resolute in their opinion.

But, "Can I contribute code" is a frequently asked question that keeps cropping up. For this reason I believe it squarely belongs on WPMU_FAQs.

MartinCleaver 19:52, 28 Sep 2006 (GMT)

Hi - can you please advise: is this the last you are going on say on the matter? I'd like to reinstate the notice. Thanks so much.

MartinCleaver 23:07, 1 Oct 2006 (GMT)

Thanks for the response. I'd already seen that content. I view

"In terms of contributing code, the WPMU Development Methodology currently allows only the core team write access to SVN."

(deleted by you in http://codex.wordpress.org/index.php?title=WPMU_FAQs&diff=0&oldid=30918 )

as being a very neutral statement, and is a frequently asked question that keeps cropping up. For this reason I believe it squarely belongs on WPMU_FAQs. As I said, people repeatedly ask the question, and they ask regardless of my views on the openness of the code. Surely it serves the community to answer the question upfront?

BTW, I've already said why I don't bother challenging the decision:

That is it as for as coding goes, and that is how it will remain, as has been said in Matt's blog, on wp mailing lists, on the wp.org forums and many, many other places around".

( http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/topic.php?id=1748&replies=13#post-10510 )

MartinCleaver 11:27, 2 Oct 2006 (GMT)

Why is Codex so very slow?

Sometimes Codex takes an age to save. Is there anything that can be done about it? I want to encourage more people to participate but its a hard sell when it takes too much effort.


Here's a list of broken redirects that you can delete for me:


Done MichaelH (talk) 12:58, 26 Oct 2006 (GMT)

Missing page

Hello Michael,

In the Main Page, the link for spanish translation (Español) is broken. Enana 00:43, 19 Dec 2006 (UTC)