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International WordPress Sites

What is it?

Since October 2007, every team translating WordPress can have their own local web site at a xx.wordpress.org subdomain.

The site is a WordPress install, which has four aims:

  1. to give brief information/description of WordPress
  2. to provide installation instructions
  3. to let the users download localized version of WordPress
  4. allows automatic upgrades to work with localized packages

These are accompanied by a blog, letting users follow the news about the translations.

What it is not?

  • A place for documentation. Although not perfect, use the Codex for now.

How to get such a local site?

  1. First of all, you need to have a directory for your locale in the WordPress Localization Repository.
    • Ask for the SVN commit privileges on WP Polyglots Blog.
    • Make sure your svn repository conforms to the repository file structure. For now the automated packaging system doesn't support encodings, other than utf-8.
  2. Once you are all set with WordPress package localization files, add a couple of local site specific files:
    1. Translate the theme-specific theme-specific strings for your local site
    2. Make a screenshot of the localized version. For inspiration, you can use those on wordpress.org. It will be used by the Custom Header feature on your future site. The size is limited to 466x303px, the same width we use on WordPress.org.
  3. Ask for a new site on WP Polyglots Blog. Please include this information in the message.
    • Locale
    • Sub-domain: use your locale and/or language.
    • Site Title: the name shown on the front page. Usually "WordPress" + "country or language name".
    • Site Description: tagline for the site; longer sentence which describes your site including the language and/or location.
    • Admin Username(s): WordPress.org Forums username(s) for the administrators of your local site.


  • Locale: es_ES.
  • URL: http://es.wordpress.org/
  • Site Title: WordPress Español (or WordPress Spain, WordPress España, etc.)
  • Site Description: "WordPress en español de España."
  • Admin Usernames: XXX, XXXX

You can also read about how to start your language's support forum site on WordPress.org.