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Note : This dates from 2005... The information on this page is no longer relevant.

Arbitrary Progress Report

New Articles: 21
Tasks Completed: 18

WE NEED YOU. We need hardy volunteers to give up a little of their free time throughout an entire week, from Saturday, June 18 through Sunday, June 26, to help clean up the Codex and add material. It doesn't matter if you are a Mediawiki expert or just someone who wants to help, we have jobs for you.

Codex Cleanup Live: To help you during the Codex Cleanup Week, volunteers are standing by on the IRC Freenode WordPress Support on channel #wordpress. See WordPress IRC Live Help for more informaton. Come join us.

Codex Cleanup Week June 18-26

To participate:

  1. Read the Contributing to the Codex information and guidelines.
  2. Check the Task List to see if anything interests you or is already in process.
  3. Sign up below.
    1. Sign your name (four tildes ~).
    2. Tell us when would be good for you in June (or when not).
    3. List what you want to work on, if you know.
    4. If you don't know, say you will accept assignments on which subjects, like Lessons or Development.
  4. Show up during the nine day event ready to work.


  1. Lorelle 14:48, 23 May 2005 (UTC), available throughout June, work on cleanup, Lessons and Getting Started, will accept all non-super-technical assignments
  2. Matt 23 May 2005 - Available all through June for anything
  3. MichaelH (talk) 13:07, 24 May 2005 (UTC) - Available for cleanup anytime in June except 6/18, 6/19
  4. MCincubus Available on MWF and weekends for pretty much anything.
  5. MatthewPaulThomas will try to be available every day between 1130 and 1200 UTC. If you have anything you want him to do, say so on his page, otherwise he'll do copy-editing.
  6. Yami Open schedule for the first half of June, totally unavailable for the latter half. I'm up for fleshing out stubs, fact-checking, and general editing.
  7. YearginSM Fairly free during this timeframe. I'll need a break from my "real" work. Yearginsm 12:12, 9 Jun 2005 (UTC)
  8. kickass Available a few hours each week from today (10th) through the rest of June. I'm a kickass copyeditor/spellchecker, can write basics for noobs, and can probably help with html/css/themes a bit.
  9. XeroCool I can write up tutorails in my own words like for Asides and how to intergate it to diffrent themes, and I can help with the styling of the codex alittle bit. I can make it alot neater and thats all mostly.
  10. Boneill 01:04, 13 Jun 2005 (UTC), availability is sketchy as I'm moving into a new house and am unsure on how quick I'll get Internet access back.
  11. Risource 16:37, 13 Jun 2005 (UTC) stepping in on boring and menial tasks nobody wants to do, from the road mostly through end of June. Not likely to be on IRC though.
  12. Steve 16:18, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC), available throughout June, will work on anything that isn't technical (I don't know PHP)
  13. Tony 20:34, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC) I can help with the styling, coding, etc. Available all Saturday, Sunday, and may be avalable after 3:00 the rest of the week.
  14. Spirit892 I am available up to June 27th, I would be happy to work on anything that doesn't involve much PHP, but I can do grammar, faqs, validation, etc.
  15. Ensellitis 00:07, 15 Jun 2005 (UTC) I am available late on Friday after 8pm (Central US) and after 6:30pm (Central US) on Saturday, not sure about Sunday yet, and can continue helping until I am no longer needed throught 2005. I will help with anything that needs help on (Basic PHP, styling, writing articles, ect.).
  16. JLyman Available after the 18th, to help out on writing up new lessons and how-to's. Can also help with cleanup, though most of that seems to be covered.
  17. indranil Available throughout June. If help needed, please say
  18. TTDbark! – I can do a few things. I'm a little quite spotty throughout the month, so just give me something to do. I'm pretty good with MW.
  19. JennaPfister (talk) - 12:07, 19 Jun 2005 - Available for cleanup anytime after June 19th
  20. Nik 03:24, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC) A bit late to the game but send me tasks on development, tech docs etc. HAve already updated new infor on Trac.
  21. Dannnnny 01:35, 25 Jun 2005 (UTC) I'm avalible to help all month with some simpler things like site (not admin area) template customization. I'm not good with PHP.
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