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You can find me at Lorelle on WordPress

I'm one of the long time editor/admins of the WordPress Codex, pitching in since 2003 on WordPress development and 2004 on the WordPress Codex.

NOTE: If you are trying to contact me regarding WordPress help, please visit the WordPress Support Forums.

Codex WordPress Guide Project 2012

If you would like to help with the WordPress Guide Project here are the links of the draft pages. Please jump in and add your input to help us out and join our discussions on the mailing list.

Codex Front Page Project 2011

If you would like to help with the front page of the WordPress Codex, join us on the docs mailing list and in User:Lorelle/Front Page Project. Update: Done. Thanks to everyone who helped. We have a little more work to do but this was a great success so far!!!


Articles for WordPress Lessons

If you are interested in helping with the WordPress Lessons:

Articles for Review

Articles to Do


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