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Figured this was worth promoting, from WP-Docs 19JUNE2010 --bentrem 20:46, 19 June 2010 (UTC):
Those that are interested in marking pages can add the following template (Change 2.0 for the obsolete version being referenced, as appropriate)

Q: How about the external links? I see a MySQL Manual which may be the definitive reference but is not nearly as useful for many users as Dan C's MySQL tutorial at http://www.analysisandsolutions.com/code/mybasic.htm. (Dan maintains the PEAR::DB and his tutorial is widely recognized). External links=high maint, I know, but maybe this is an exception. User:Risource

Answer: External links are fine, if we had an article to put them in. We need an article related to WordPress usage combined with MySQL. Lorelle 18:14, 13 Jun 2005 (UTC)

The problem with changing all the <code> tags to <tt> is that the the <tt> is a font style tag. While not officially deprecated, it is officially discouraged in the Fonts section of the HTML 4.01 Specification[1], and really shouldn't be used at all.

Also, the statement about <pre><code>...</code><pre> being wrong isn't true, at least not from the pure HTML perspective. The reason is that the style sheet can specify different things for the two tags. It's unfortunate that the <code> tag didn't imply preformatting when it was first created, but that's the way things are. The important thing is to first spell out in the Codex:Guidelines page the cases where each should be used. Gary Feldman 12:51, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Links to Administration Panels Page

Which format should I use?

  1. [[Administration Panels|Administration]] > [[Administration Panels#Manage - Change your content|Manage]] > [[Administration Panels#Posts|Posts]] (here)
  2. [[Administration Panels|Administration]] > [[Administration Panels#Posts|Manage]] > [[Manage Posts SubPanel|Posts]] (MichaelH's)
  3. [[Administration Panels|Administration]] > [[Administration Panels#Manage - Change your content|Manage]] > [[Manage Posts SubPanel|Posts]]

--Bono 13:58, 18 July 2008 (UTC)

Please post above this area for discussions

Tasks Completed

Welcome to the Codex

Positions Filled

What's Happening

Information and links to events within the WordPress Community - not a constantly updated list of activities, but a list of sites to get more information on where to find out what is going on within the WordPress Community.

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1. Twistedraisin

Position Filled

WordPress Lessons

  • Designing for Print Lorelle 14:41, 20 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • Using Asides indranil
  • Displaying HTML code in your posts Lorelle 01:46, 3 Jun 2005 (UTC)
  • Managing Links with Link Manager Shorty114 22:52, 12 Jun 2005 (UTC)
  • Customizing Sidebar
  • Header/Header Art
  • Headings
  • Creating a Search Page - Moshu 03:38, 11 Jun 2005 (UTC)
  • Search Engines and WordPress
  • Web Page Accessibility Lorelle 14:41, 20 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Import Links SubPanel

Import_Links_SubPanel is an incomplete article on using the Import Links SubPanel of Link Manager. The author has requested someone familiar with the process of importing links into Link Manager please follow the "look" of the rest of the Administration Panels articles and complete this step-by-step instruction on the usage of this feature in WordPress.

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1. User:Shorty114 - DONE!

Administering Your Blog

We need someone to write a link oriented article about how to administer a WordPress site and change this table of contents style page into something of value. It needs step by step tasks associated with the daily and less frequent administration tasks associated with a WordPress site.

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1. Lorelle - DONE!

Blogging by Email

We have a link to an external article, but we need one on the Codex that explains, step-by-step, how to set up WordPress to permit blogging by email. See: Old WordPress Wiki (v1.2) Blog by Email and NuclearMoose's article on blogging by email for help.

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1. done by User:Skippy Blog by Email


Hottest thing on the web today are gravatars. Everyone wants one and people are using them. We need an article about them, how to incorporate them into a WordPress site, especially in comments, and we need you to write about it.

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1. Ensellitis DONE!

Sorting Category Posts Alphabetically

Difficulty Level: INTERMEDIATE

Article Wanted: In this Forum thread http://wordpress.org/support/topic/22801 is a discussion on how to sort the posts within a category template alphabetically, by title. We need to have an article on how to do this from within the index.php and on individual category.php template files.

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1. Skippy

Conditional Tags

Difficulty Level: INTERMEDIATE

The article on Conditional_Tags needs another example or two to flesh out the article.

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1. Skippy

Creating an Admin Theme

Themes for the Administration Panels are now being created and a step-by-step instruction guide on creating such Themes is needed.

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1. Jalenack

WordPress Cookies


Does WordPress use cookies? If so, how? And why? What information is stored? Which parts of WordPress access and use these? If you are a cookie expert, we need an article about the function of WordPress cookies.

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1. Skippy

Moving WordPress

Difficulty Level: INTERMEDIATE

Article on moving WordPress from one server to another we have. What we need is an article on how to move WordPress from one folder to another folder within the same site.

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1. Podz
2. Firas
3. Skippy


Difficulty Level: EASY

A lot of the validation errors people find when moving to WordPress have to do with the shift from HTML to XHTML. Article is needed that simply explains the tag difference to help users understand what these errors are and how they need to change their markup. Also will be a reference for Validating a Website and other WordPress Lessons that deal with changing tags and maintaining XHMTL validation.

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1. User:Tunicwriter

Multiple Loops


Article wanted on how and why to feature more than one WordPress Loop within a WordPress site.

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1. Clarke1866 - http://www.maxpower.ca
2. Nearlythere 19:00, 24 Oct 2005 (GMT) (I've been hopping in and out of multiple loops alot lately. i use them alot, and it seems there should be more examples of this. i'd be glad to work on a page so i can point people to it. here's a good example i just answered in the support forum: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/41377 )

Theme Switching

Difficulty Level: INTERMEDIATE

Theme Switching, whether automatic via plugin or manually by the visitor, is a very hot topic on the WordPress Forum. We need an article about the wisdom, tips, advice, and methods for using theme switching devices and methods with good screenshots of examples.

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1. Dannnnny

Creating a Custom author.php

Difficulty Level: INTERMEDIATE

Did you know that you can create a custom template file for author.php? Well, if you do know, then we need you to write an article about creating a custom author page using the author.php template file. This is what we know: There is a plugin from http://guff.szub.net/get-author-profile that will allow author information to be collected and displayed, and a thread about this on the forum at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/27554, and that the author.php can be part of a Theme and is part of the Template Hierarchy. You can take it the rest of the way if you sign up.

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1. nearlythere giving it a go: Author Templates

Categorizing the Codex

Difficulty Level: EASY

We are categorizing the Codex and volunteers are needed to help designate which category every article is in. The first task is to set the main categories. The process is explained at User:Lorelle/Codex_Categories. Simply follow the easy instructions and copy and paste the appropriate category onto the bottom of each of the documents within that category. That's it.

This will help users navigate and find related articles, so this is a very important task. Sign up and list the "category" you will be working on so we don't duplicate effort.

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Bob46802 2.