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The following list was offered up by Matt as an example of what another system is using for their table of contents to generate helpful articles for their users. If you know an article that matches the description, please add a link to it after the title. If there is one you would like to write that doesn't match an article in the Codex, please contact Lorelle or Carthik to discuss it, or post a note on the Documents Mailing List.

Chapter 1: WordPress Orientation

Chapter 2: WordPress Installation

WordPress Acquisition and Installation

Chapter 3: Administration Interface


  • Admin Tab
  • Content Tab
  • Presentation Tab
  • View Site Tab

Chapter 4: Common Website Setups

Basic Weblog Model

  • Basic Article Output and the Concept of Article Flow
  • Adding Article Archive to the Process
  • Expanding Your Site with Pages and Content
  • Custom Article Output with WordPress Categories

Intermediate Weblog Model

Photoblog, Portfolio or Photo Gallery Model

  • Theme based upon images not text
  • Loop customization for image oriented posts
  • Integrating Gallery Plugins/Add-ons
  • Adding Graphics/Photographs to Site (Thumbnails, etc.)

Business Site Model (CMS)

  • Adding E-commerce
  • Adding Ads (globally and per post)
  • Sign-ups/Registrations
  • Controlling User Levels
  • Controlling Comments Comment Moderation
  • Mailing Lists
  • Contact Forms
  • Managing Links Internally and Externally Links Manager
  • Link Checking
  • Site Statistics and Monitoring

Review Site Model

  • Rating Items Pages
  • Category/Individual Post styles
  • Controlling User Levels User Levels
  • Link Checking
  • Site Statistics and Monitoring
  • Controlling Comments Comment Moderation

Chapter 5: Advanced Topics

Site Administration Topics

User Accounts

Using Subversion (SVN)

  • Repository to Windows Machine Using Graphical User Interface (GUI) Approach
  • Repository to Windows Machine Using Command Prompt Approach
  • Repository to Macintosh OS-X Machine GUI, GUI Snapshot, and Command Prompt Approaches
  • Repository to Linux Machine Using Command Prompt Approach
  • Repository to Web Server Using Webmin with TextDrive Hosting
  • Repository to Web Server Using Secure Shell (SSH) with TextDrive Hosting

Local Development Packages

  • Using Open-source Apache Packages for Local Development
  • Using XAMPP (Apache-MySQL-PHP-Perl) for Windows In Progress
  • Using XAMPP for Linux
  • Using MAMP (Macintosh-Apache-MySQL-PHP) for Macintosh


A: Tag Definitions and Overview

(Additional resources: Pedro "Kusor" Palazón's WordPress Tag Manual: A Manual for Impatient Users (http://kusor.com/en/txptagmanual/) ). Template Tags

  • Page Related Tags:
  • Header Related Tags:
  • Style Tag
  • Page Title
  • Body Related Tags:
  • Article Related Tags
  • Basic: article Tag.
  • Custom: article_custom Tag.
  • Attributes: form and listform
  • Comments Related Tags
  • Column Related Tags:
  • Recent Content Related Tags
  • recent_articles
  • recent_comments
  • File Download Tags:
  • txp:file_download
  • txp:file_download_list
  • Navigation Related Tags
  • Link Related Tags
  • txp:linklist
  • XML Feed Related Tags
  • Article Feed Link Tag: txp:feed_link
  • Links Feed Link Tag: txp:link_feed_link
  • Form Related Tags
  • Conditional Tags
  • Alphabetical Tag Listing

B: WordPress Plugin Availability

C: Importing to WordPress

D: WordPress Resources Listing

E: WordPress Transitional Content

  • Making an Article Static and Top-Positioned
  • Adding a Photo Portfolio Section
  • Avatars, Favatars, Gravatars
  • Understanding the Value of the "output form" Tag




Know Your Sources

Miscellaneous List

The following might fit under the above sections, but they are more general and on the Articles Wanted List from frequent topics on the Forum and from articles needing moving from the old Wiki.


  • Encoding Issues - My Characters Are All Scrambled!
  • Translating Your WordPress Site

The Loop





  • Theme Switcher(s) - article about this, how to, why, and pros and cons

Graphics and Images

  • Allowed file extensions for uploading via WordPress File Upload
  • Explaining WordPress File Upload Miscellaneous_Options_SubPanel#Allow_File_Uploads
  • Why can't I see the graphics in my Write - Preview Admin page even though I can see them in my post? And if I can see them in my Preview, why can't I see them in my Post? And why doesn't the CSS apply within the Preview so I can really see what I'm working on?


  • Auto Shut Off Posts? Necessary? Expire Posts?
  • Control of Next and Previous - order of posts - how to connect series of posts that belong together like an ongoing article without date having anything to do with it.
  • Adding Search to your WordPress - how the one included works, how to deal with Advanced Search, how to possibly improve it
  • Size issues - we need to know how big (long) we can make our posts before things break. Size matters, and if it really matters, how to we change things in the database. Along with this, how to break up a post into smaller chunks (nextpage tags), is there a way the viewer can choose one big long page or to move from window to window.
  • $query stuff - Lots of requests for explaining these and how to use them.
  • Defining Order of Posts - as they show up on front page, archives (specific category pages), by category, by date, alphabetically. How to keep article posts "in series" connected via next and previous without the nextpage option tag.
  • Combining http://wiki.wordpress.org/PhotoMatt.net and Category Templates to help with creating helpful Category pages, including how to sort by subcategory not just date.


  • 404 - Tracking lost links and posts (is there a method within WordPress, WordPress stats, or any method to track and fix "files not found"?)
  • Dead Link checking - from Link Manager, any way to check for dead links? Article on how to?

Techie Stuff

  • How to backup files, not just the database - In the works according to IRC_Meetups/2005/May/May25RawLog
  • Using HTML within post
  • Changing from HTML to XHTML - what needs to change in the HTML if you are either pasting or writing HTML in the post - will the HTML show up or not, and does WordPress fix HTML to XHTML automatically.
  • Javascript - Using it and does it work and how to use it in a post or in a template file? Will Javascript work in WordPress - yes, but only with the TextControl plugin - true/false - need somethig on this.
  • Optimization/Reducing bandwidth and server loads - http://wiki.wordpress.org/?pagename=Optimization - Is this still true, how to reduce it and optimize accordingly.
  • IE downloads blog - http://wordpress.org/support/topic.php?id=23978 - For Troubleshooting FAQs


  • Sorting by category in the Edit section of the admin panel - possible? If so, how about a how to article.
  • Hacks for Admin Pages - like how to add sort by category to POST panel, and how to change number of posts visible (from default of 15) - simple hacks to improve Admin panels for individual needs.
  • How to Change the Sort Order - http://wiki.wordpress.org/?pagename=Howto%2FModularize


  • NO RSS information??? I did a search on the codex for RSS and there ain't nothing folks! We need something.
There are now two documents: WordPress Feeds and Customizing Feeds. Lorelle 01:09, 13 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Site Development

  • Search Engine Friendly - what to do to help your WordPress site shake hands nicely with search engines, and what WP already does through the use of permalinks to make it very SE-friendly.
  • Mobile/WAP and other "versions" of WordPress - in other words - is WordPress ready for the "future"?
  • Accessibility: How Accessible is WordPress out of the box Accessibility


  • File name formats - caps/lowercase/mixed - which is okay and which is not for linking (example: wordpress/Story-About-Cats or wordpress/story-about-cats for permalink linking)
  • There are also a lot of things from http://faq.wordpress.net/ that might need to be in our own FAQ. Anyone checked those?