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User talk:NuclearMoose/2005

Hey Moose, what about re-organizing (rewriting?) Codex:Tasks? I was thinking we should put some life into the Going-on page that was there somewhere too, as a Codex vol newsletter...

Carthik 19:28, 2 Jan 2005 (GMT)

I'll avoid any obvious jokes regarding your hometown there :) Thanks for the welcome too! Just looking to help out around here :)

Russ 12:57, 7 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Note from NuclearMoose 18:29, 8 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Important: Please read and follow the Codex Guidelines before creating a new page.

After creating the new page, use [[Category:New_page_created]] at the bottom of the page, and it will be flagged for quality control and editing, if necessary.

Thank you for contributing to Codex!

In the process of writing up the Admin Panel stuff, I've created a few pages (subs of my user page) that I no longer need. I don't mean pages that are deprecated since the User:MDAWaffe/An Idea Administration Panels development; those might be nice to keep around for a bit. I mean a few accidentals (typos in the page name - argh). Can I delete them myself somehow since their subs of my user page, or do I need to mark them rfd?
Thanks! --MDAWaffe 09:21, 12 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Using {{merge-into}}

Hey Craig — saw your commit message on Template:merge-into. Here's how you use it:

{{merge-into|some other page like [[Main Page|this one]]}}


This article has been requested to be merged into some other page like this one.

If you need any more info, don't hesitate to ask. :-)

morganiq 11:34, 9 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Update by morganiq 11:45, 9 Jan 2005 (GMT): I also documented this in my post "Boilerplates & Maintenance Categories" (18 Dec 2004) on the Documentation mailing list, although I've since changed the template to a more logical name.

Is there a page where we can request for import into Codex old wiki pages that are particularly useful? There's the Codex:Notable_Forum_Posts page, but I couldn't find a similar Codex:Notable Old Wiki Pages. I ask because there are a couple features in the Admin panels I've never used, but are talked about on the old wiki: How To Blog By Email, for example. It'd be great if someone who knew what (she|he) was doing imported this into the new Codex, and, more importantly for my purposes, retooled it for 1.5.

Thanks for all your help. --MDAWaffe 03:40, 14 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Awesome - Thanks --MDAWaffe 07:02, 14 Jan 2005 (GMT) First Post! ;-)

1.2 v. 1.5 Codex Protocol

First, my situation: Next in line in my Admin Panels project (thanks for all your suggestions, by the way) is Options -> Discussion. There is already a 1.2-centric page Discussion Options on the codex. I contributed a small 1.5 addition to it, but now there is another one to add (black listing). Furthermore, there is every reason to expect that new 1.5 specific updates will keep coming (to various SubPanels)

So, the question: How do I handle the situation? I see a few options:

  1. Revert Discussion Options to 1.2.x only. Copy to new page and update to 1.5.
  2. Keep updating Discussion Options (or Writing Posts for that matter) and note the 1.5+ only material. I don't like this idea - it means all the docs have to say what has changed since 1.5 1.2 (EDIT: oops).
  3. Co-opt Discussion Options and make it only 1.5-friendly.

The question is really, "To what extent will codex continue to support previous versions of WordPress? And, if that extent is non-zero, in what way do we support them?" If we keep 1.2.x (or earlier) documentation around (and I think we should), it should be made very clear that that's what it is, since 1.5 is, I assume, what we're really aiming for here. Should 1.2 stuff be kept as subpages (I know...) in 1.2/ or old_version/ or something?

What do you think? Perhaps this has all been considered and answered elsewhere - in which case, just tell me what to do :)
--MDAWaffe 08:32, 14 Jan 2005 (GMT)

RE: The Loop - Agreed, it needs some helpful howto-ing. I shall scoop The Loop into my task list. -Kaf 20:43, 14 Jan 2005 (GMT)

I'm give-or-take done with the Admin Panel docs. There's a couple things I couldn't write up due to lack of knowledge - and see #1.2 v. 1.5 Codex Protocol :). I've noted on the pages themselves current bugs I believe to be relevant (though I'm biased, most were submitted by me). I was going to put up new page notices on them, but decided to see if there was anything you thought I should do first.

Ah yes, and it'd be nice to have a codex template saying something like "this document is part of the Administration Panel documentation".--MDAWaffe 03:43, 23 Jan 2005 (GMT)

I've made them all New Pages. USER:MDAWaffe/Administration Panels Administration Panels --MDAWaffe 06:01, 27 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Quick Question: How do I find out if anyone has responded to my questions on some of the codex pages that I'm editing or considering to edit? I can't find them in the history unless I've actually worked on them, or so I think. Any speedy way or just making myself a list and checking it twice? ;-)

Lorelle 02:25, 25 Jan 2005 (GMT)

Sorry to keep posting this in various spots, but the docs list... etc. Check out USER:MDAWaffe/Pages Pages. If it get's into Codex, an appropriate name might be "Pages and Templates". --MDAWaffe 02:40, 6 Feb 2005 (GMT)

CSS Uprising

There was some work I wanted to do on the Codex but it kept dropping out, down, bang, so I hit the forums to see what was going on, since I'm pretty sure the overwhelming demand for downloads and info is causing trauma. I checked out the CSS section on the forums and it is going bonkers with people wanting to either design their own theme or tweak the one they find into infinity. Lots of CSS questions and problems.

I have a few articles I worked up on CSS issues, including troubleshooting, that should help. They are:

  • User:Lorelle/CSS Fixing Bugs and Hacks|CSS Fixing Bugs and Hacks
  • User:Lorelle/CSS Troubleshooting|CSS Troubleshooting
  • User:Lorelle/Horizontal Menus Explained|My version of Horizontal Menus

I've only had good comments and not much editing work, but this might really help people figure out a lot of their problems. We can edit and fix them as things come and go. I'm not pushing because they are mine, just because I see a lot of people going bonkers over the Themes and not having the information they need to figure out the problems they run into.

Thanks. Lorelle 00:56, 23 Feb 2005 (GMT)

Editors/Contributers Must Register

I thought it was now a requirement that contributors to the Codex must register. That maybe true, but can we set it up in a way that "registration" creates a User page for them so we can find out who they are or...something? Or is that handled administratively and the regular contributors don't see that info? Just curious? Lorelle 00:18, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)