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Monikielinen Codex

Tämä sivu on tynkä. Se tarkoittaa, että sivun luominen on kesken. Voit auttaa Codexia jatkamalla sen tekemistä.
Tarkennus: käännös pitäisi tehdä loppuun

The WP-Polyglots translation and localization team for WordPress works hard to ensure WordPress is available in many languages. This effort include the translation of WordPress Codex articles in a variety of languages.

Auttaaksesi kääntämään WordPress Codex, sign up for the WP-Polyglots Mailing List and get involved. The guidelines for translating the WordPress Codex is no different from the ones mentioned above, however, the documentation team requests that a link be placed on the original document linking to the translated document, and vice versa.

For those who are multilingual, if you find an article in, say, Japanese that matches one in Russian, please add those links as well. By adding the link to the original English article, we can also cross reference all the various language versions without knowing the language of the article. The more we can cross link between languages, the more the WordPress Codex can serve everyone.

Kieliin liittyviä tietoja

Inside WordPress Codex

Wiki templates käytetään sen sijaan kuin "Interlanguage Links" feature MediaWikistä, in codex.wordpress.org. (Katso wp-docs ML)


{{en|Englanninkielinen artikkelin nimi}}
{[al|Albaniankielinen artikkelin nimi}}
{{de|Saksankielinen artikkelin nimi}}
{{es|Espanjankielinen artikkelin nimi}}
{{fr|Ranskankielinen artikkelin nimi}}
{{ja|Japaninkielinen artikkelin nimi}}
{{zh-tw|Kiina(Taiwan) artikkelin nimi}}

Huomaa: Englanti ensimmäisenä ja sitten muut kielet aakkosjärjestyksessä.

Outside WordPress Codex

Outside codex.wordpress.org, you can use the "Interlanguage Links" feature of MediaWiki, like Wikipedia's sidebar.


[[en:English Article Name]]
[[al:Albanian Article Name]]
[[de:German Article Name]]
[[fr:French Article Name]]
[[es:Spanish Article Name]]
[[ja:Japanese Article Name]]
[[zh-tw:Chinese (Taiwan) Article Name]]

Codex muilla kielillä

Kieli Local Name * Tag * (prefix) iw_url Notes
English English {{en|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/$1 no prefix
Albanian Shqip {{al|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/al:$1
Arabic العربية {{ar|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/ar:$1
Bulgarian Български {{bg|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/bg:$1
Danish Dansk {{da|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/da:$1
German Deutsch {{de|...}} http://doku.wordpress-deutschland.org/$1 external
Spanish Español {{es|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/es:$1
Finnish suomi {{fi|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/fi:$1
French Français {{fr|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/fr:$1
Hebrew עברית {{he|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/he:$1
Hungarian Magyar {{hu|...}} http://dokumentacio.word-press.hu/$1 external
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia {{id|...}}  ? http://id.wordpress.net/codex/$1 or http://codex.wordpress.org/id:$1 external?
Italian Italiano {{it|...}} http://www.wordpress-it.it/wiki/Main/$1 external
Japanese 日本語 {{ja|...}} http://wpdocs.sourceforge.jp/$1 external
Georgian ქართული {{ka|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/ka:$1
Korean 한국어 {{ko|...}} http://wordpress.co.kr/codex/$1 external
Dutch Nederlands {{nl|...}}  ? http://codex.wordpress.org/nl:$1 or http://nl.wordpress.net/ontdek/$1/index.html external?
Polish Polski {{pl|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/pl:$1
Portuguese Português {{pt|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/pt:$1
Brazilian Portuguese Português do Brasil {{pt-br|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/pt-br:$1
Russian Русский {{ru|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/$1 no prefix
Swedish Svenska {{sv|...}} http://wp-support.se/dokumentation/$1 external
Slovenian Slovenščina {{sl|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/sl:$1
Slovak Slovenčina {{sk|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/sk:$1
Telugu తెలుగు {{te|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/te:$1
Thai ไทย {{th|...}} http://codex.wordthai.com/$1 external
Turkish Türkçe {{tr|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/tr:$1
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt {{vi|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/vi:$1
Chinese 中文(简体) {{zh-hans|...}} http://codex.wordpress.org/zh-cn:$1
Chinese (Taiwan) 中文(繁體) {{zh-tw|...}} http://codex.wptw.org/$1 external

NOTE: Local Name and Tag name are based on languages/Names.php.

NOTE: The prefered refernce is the internal documentation on codex.wordpress.org/lang:$1, if one not available use external links.

Adding Languages

If you need a template for your language, add your language template name (see languages/Names.php), and URL of top page to Discussion page.


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