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Wiki Day

From time to time, we have a Wiki_Day when a bunch of folks commit to working on the wiki. Think of it as a festival of editing! The next one is due sometime in the future, we will sure let you know about it when it happens.

Meanwhile, you can read what happened the last time during Wiki Day 2004

Spring Cleaning 2005

Wiki Weekend - March 26 and 27, 2005

Proposed Wiki Day for March, 2005 at a date/time to be determined. Here is a list of what would be good to accomplish:

  1. Ensure that everything that should be migrated over from the old wiki has been migrated, or is in progress.
  2. Move content created by editors in their USER pages, and ensure they are named, edited for typos and such, moved into actual production pages.
  3. Maintenance: Review pages for typos, delete requested pages, merge requested pages, and the like.
  4. Discuss structure and formatting and related issues as well as wiki policies and such.
  5. Brainstorm for content ideas, site design, usability improvements.

This is a lot of stuff, and likely not all of it can be done in one session. A weekend would obviously work the best for this. Add your own ideas and suggestions to the above list.

MDAWaffe whines: Some of the above suggestions (all of which are good) will be difficult without a working mailing list or central forum. Actually, I suppose this article's talk page could be used as an overall discussion for the Wiki Day/Weekend. Thoughts?

There'll be no more whining: Docs mailing list.
-Kaf 17:23, 25 Feb 2005 (GMT)

Wiki Day Spring 2005 roster