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All pages
%s to Documentation team
Dynamic Menu Highlighting to Function Reference/get admin page title
Function Reference/get admin url to Function Reference/img html to post id
Function Reference/in category to Function Reference/the permalink
Function Reference/the post to Function Reference/wp remote retrieve headers
Function Reference/wp remote retrieve response code to Manage Comments SubPanel
Manage Export SubPanel to Plugin API/Filter Reference/sanitize title
Plugin API/Filter Reference/sanitize user to Template Tags/print FindU Url
Template Tags/print Lat to WPMU
WPMU/fi to bn:ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস ইন্সটল করা
bn:ওয়ার্ডপ্রেস শেখার প্র... to fr:Changement de l'adresse du blog
fr:Charger WordPress sur un serveur distant to get query template
get query var to it:Riferimento funzioni/get children
it:Riferimento funzioni/get comment text to mn:Main Page
ms deprecated blogs file to pt-br:Referência de Função/is 404
pt-br:Referência de Função/language attributes to strip shortcodes
stripslashes deep to vi:Tạo Tập Tin POT
vi:Using Themes to zh-cn:WordPress 代码规范
zh-cn:WordPress 博客搬家 to Справочник по функциям/get post mime type
Справочник по функциям/get post status to 블로그 디자인과 레이아웃