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%s to Designing Themes for Public Release
Determining Plugin and Content Directories to Function Reference/file is displayable image
Function Reference/filter SSL to Function Reference/has excerpt
Function Reference/has filter to Function Reference/the author icq
Function Reference/the author lastname to Function Reference/wp oembed add provider
Function Reference/wp oembed get to La Boucle En Action
Lessons to Plugin API/Filter Reference/img caption shortcode
Plugin API/Filter Reference/intermediate image sizes to Template Tags/comment class
Template Tags/comment date to Version 1.5.1
Version to WordPress Housekeeping
WordPress IRC Live Help to delete user option
delete usermeta to fr:Migrer de multiples blogs vers Wordpress 3.0 Multisite
fr:Migrer des blogs multiples vers Wordpress 3.0 Multisite to he
he:Function Reference/ to it:Riferimento funzioni/search theme directories
it:Riferimento funzioni/set post thumbnail size to pl:Wersja 3.0.4
pl:Wersja 4.0 to pt-br:Sub-Painel Plugins-Editor
pt-br:Sub-Painel Posts to the author aim
the author description to wp check filetype
wp check filetype and ext to zh-cn:中文(简体)/wp title
zh-cn:为 Codex 文章创建 PDF 文档 to Справочник по функциям/get post status
Справочник по функциям/get post type to 블로그 디자인과 레이아웃