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%s to Developer Documentation
Developing a Colour Scheme to Function Reference/fix import form size
Function Reference/fix phpmailer messageid to Function Reference/has header image
Function Reference/has image size to Function Reference/the author login
Function Reference/the author meta to Function Reference/wp old slug redirect
Function Reference/wp original referer field to Link Categories SubPanel
Linking Posts, Pages, and Categories to Plugin API/Filter Reference/login errors
Plugin API/Filter Reference/login form defaults to Template Tags/comment id fields
Template Tags/comment link rss to Version 2.0.11
Version 2.0.2 to WordPress Policies
WordPress Query Vars to do shortcode
do shortcode tag to fr:Roles and Capabilities
fr:Référence d'une fonction/Déréférencer un widget to hr:Prilagodljiva Zaglavlja
hr:Pronalaženje Grešaka WordPress Mreže to it:Riferimento funzioni/wp debug mode
it:Riferimento funzioni/wp delete category to print maptech url
print sidebit url to pt-br:SubPainel Painel
pt-br:SubPainel Plugins to the shortlink
the sidebit url to wp favicon request
wp filter comment to zh-cn:升级WordPress
zh-cn:升级 WordPress to Теги шаблонов/get template part
Теги шаблонов/posts nav link to 블로그 디자인과 레이아웃