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%s to Designing Headers
Designing Headings to Function Reference/fetch feed
Function Reference/fetch rss to Function Reference/has action
Function Reference/has category to Function Reference/the author email
Function Reference/the author firstname to Function Reference/wp notify moderator
Function Reference/wp notify postauthor to L10n:Localization Teams
L10n:Teams Currently Forming to Plugin API/Filter Reference/gettext with context
Plugin API/Filter Reference/image resize dimensions to Template Tags/comment author link
Template Tags/comment author rss to Version 1.2.1
Version 1.2.2 to Widgets API/register sidebar widget
Widgets API/register sidebars to da:WordPress-politikker
dashboard quota to fr:Marqueurs de Modele/next post link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/permalink anchor to get the tag list
get the tags to it:Riferimento funzioni/get theme mods
it:Riferimento funzioni/has category to nl:Child Thema's
nl:Codex Richtlijnen to pt-br:Referência de Função/the post
pt-br:Referência de Função/the title to sk:Moduly
sk:Navigačné menu to vi:Tham Khảo Các Hàm/get extended
vi:Tham Khảo Các Hàm/get locale to zh-cn:Create A Network
zh-cn:Editing wp-config.php to Новичкам в WordPress — с чего начать
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